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Getting caught up in the excitement of receiving a package is easy — no matter what kind. It’s especially exciting when you receive one from Amazon. Sometimes there are Unclaimed Amazon Packages that don’t get claimed by the person who got them; sometimes, they go unclaimed because there was no one to claim them.

Good or bad, these are still gifts that need a home! Here are some ideas on how to take care of the extra Amazon packages.

Things To Know About Unclaimed Amazon Packages

1. Gift them

It is the most obvious option, but it’s just as easy as it sounds. Give them to someone you know who will enjoy them! That can be a friend, family member, or coworker. Unclaimed Amazon Packages can make a great birthday or holiday gift.

2. Donate them

Have a charity or non-profit you support? Why not lend a helping hand and donate the items in your Unclaimed Amazon Packages? Whether it’s to homeless shelters, animal shelters, low-income schools, soup kitchens, or Wounded Warrior groups, your donation can go to someone who needs it. Donating can also be a great way to get a tax write-off! Loads of worthy charities around the country could use your extra. If you want to confirm your donation, a small percentage of Amazon’s shipping and handling fee goes to the charity.

3. Trash them

If you can’t find any charities or stores that will accept Unclaimed Amazon Packages, trash them like any other unwanted item. The only thing you’ll miss is the memory of a great gift.

4. Keep them

Sometimes, you get Unclaimed Amazon Packages because they were meant for you; sometimes, that’s exactly what happens! If you receive your order and it’s still in its box with no damage, keep it! Maybe there was a mistake, and someone else was supposed to get it — or maybe it was meant for you all along. If you ordered an item and it was a mistake, the best thing to do is to contact Amazon. They can cancel your order and arrange another piece of mail or a gift certificate.

5. Donate them

If this is your situation, or you know someone who can use the items in their unclaimed Amazon packages, donate them! Unclaimed Amazon Packages are donated to charities or stores that need the items.

6. Recycle them

Recycling is important! If you have lots of leftover packaging from your unclaimed Amazon packages, you can give it to a local recycling center, where they will reuse it as a liner for other products.

7. Clear them out

If you aren’t going to use any of the items in your Unclaimed Amazon Packages, then go through them and get rid of them! The fewer things you have, the less you need to worry about. It may also be a great feeling to eliminate your unneeded items; try it out and see how much lighter your heart feels!

8. Sell them

If you have stuff you want to get rid of anyways, why not try selling them online? Many online auction sites like eBay or Craig’s List will allow you to make more cash. While it’s a little more work than just throwing away or recycling, it’s also a great way to make a quick buck from your unclaimed packages.


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