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What Criteria Are Utilized To Judge Your Work In Juried Art Competitions?

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An artist enters art competitions for multiple reasons. Some want to spread their views or express themselves through their art, while others want to get some exposure! Whatever the reason is, you can only get desired results if you get noticed and at least give a tough competition to your fellow participants. Thus, you must know the criteria judging art competitions will follow before announcing the piece of art that outdid every other!

There are different art galleries and societies that organize art competitions around the globe. Their judgment criteria can vary at different levels, but the basics always remain the same. If you are also a participating artist who would want to get an idea about these criteria, keep reading till the end!

Criteria utilized to judge art in juried art competitions

Relevance with the Concept

The first and foremost thing that the jury would check is the relevance of your art with the concept decided by the organizers. You may have imagination and want to express your views on the canvas the way you want, but not sticking to the concept will make grounds for disqualification.

Mode of art

The organizations holding the jury artist competitions generally never have any restrictions on the mode of art. Therefore, you can make a 2D, 3D, or still life art, whichever suits you the most! If there are no such restrictions, no one judging the art competitions can raise a question on that! However, you should confirm the mode of art set by the organizing body before participation.


Another vital aspect that the experts judging art competitions will consider is the understandability of your art! You most likely want to give a deeper meaning and a powerful message through your art, but at the same time, you would have to ensure its understandability with the concept. So, make sure you do not get off track and lose the charm of your art instead of becoming different.

Meeting Deadlines

If you are participating in an online competition, there will be a deadline you have to meet! Check these details carefully and follow them if you do not want to get disqualified by the judges.

These points are a part of the fundamental criteria that every juried art competition follows. However, it is vital to check the competition rules thoroughly before participation. Do this to ensure that you work per the rules and increase your chances of getting success.

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