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What Do Cats Love In Dairy Products?

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 veterinarian Oshawa, ON

Cats do like dairy food products.  The odd thing about this is that pet cats would not have had ice cream, cheese, or yogurt before.  So, what is it in food items that attract cats even if they have not had this product before?  Also, why would a cat eat something she might be allergic to?

First, cats do not have allergies to dairy food products.  They are just lactose intolerant.  Having allergies to something means getting a reaction just from making contact with allergens.  Repeated exposure to the allergen might result in a worse reaction as the body tries to fight it.

Being lactose intolerant means that the body’s ability to digest lactose has disappeared.

Being intolerant of lactose would mean that the body has some reaction to the lactose while inside the body, and when that lactose is digested or expelled, the body goes back to normal.  For humans, this lactose intolerance becomes evident as diarrhea, stomach upsets, and stinky flatulence among others.

Cats exhibiting lactose intolerance means that they have diarrhea or might vomit.  They would not feel well and in extreme diarrhea cases, would result in dehydration.

Any concern you may have about your pet’s diet should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian Oshawa, ON.


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