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Oh, girl! So you have dreamt of getting an airbrush tan and want to be the lady of the sun by looking drop-dead gorgeous. But for self-tanning newcomers, it's new to know how to protect their beloved bronze? 

It is that melodious time when an airbrush tan appointment is on the outlook, and you want it to be a total success. Unfortunately, most people are shy and concerned about what to wear during tanning appointments. Tanning salons experts recommend going for black, loose outfits or going naked. Some of them are not comfortable exposing a lot of skin. But worry not, we are here with the tips to ensure you get the results you dreamed of.

It's quite difficult to find the right clothing as going for the wrong outfits leads to ugly tan lines on particular body parts. This is only for you if you are uncomfortable with tanning without clothes. Let's see how to opt for an attire before your session and also what to wear afterward.

Does it matter for you what to wear to a tan? Yes! Let's make it count

Of course! Comfort is a must. And when you are off to an airbrush tan appointment, you want to feel at ease before and after. If you are not comfortable receiving service in the nude, you want to make sure you have appropriate and comfortable clothing during the session.

It's up to you what to wear during a tan, so some people just go in the nude, and many wear just a thong. You get a tan line if you wear clothes, so it's advisable to wear as little as possible to prevent that dreaded unevenness.

If you are comfortable in the nude, you still need to think about what to wear after airbrushing tan and how it affects the solution as it evolves. For example, fitted clothes, shoes, jewelry can cause the tan formula to rub off. And surely, you are not removing your tan right after the appointment! 

So, what exactly do you need to wear before getting tanning? 

Pre-requisite items you need to wear during a tan session

Why to go for an appointment unprepared! Read on these tips and make sure you choose the proper clothing. 

Disposable thong

During tan sessions, some trails of solution run down your stomach to your crotch. When wearing underwear, the fabric can easily absorb the extra tanning solution flowing down. Don't put on your favorite panties, and put on loose underwear that you can dispose of after the session. In most tanning salons, customers buy disposable thongs before airbrush tanning. They sell undergarments at reasonable prices. 

Feet sticky pads

Do you want to stain your feet from tanning? No right! Try to get sticky pads to prevent this. They can protect you from infectious diseases. Tan feet are easy to use but easily damaged, so find the one that lasts long with sturdy and durable material.

Bonus tip: Leave your pieces of jewelry at home  

We agree that your jewels are your love but keep it safe at home when you go for tanning. Make sure you remove the necklace, bracelets, rings, or any jewelry that could create streaks or rub the solution off. 

Pre-requisite items you need after a tan session

The tanning process also affects the overall results afterward. Some experience skin allergies and irritation after getting airbrush tanning. What you are wearing after the process is as crucial as during the appointment. Stick to these suggestions: 

Say yes to loose flip flops

It's a big NO to tight or close-toed shoes when it comes to airbrush tan. The rubbing on your feet and pressure can cause streaks, and it tends to remove your freshly applied solution. Instead, go for loose, open-toed sandals like a slip-on or flip-flops without a heel. Also, don't wear socks or tights on your tanned feet!   

Make baggy clothes your first choice

Your tan works amazingly if it remains on the surface of the skin for a long time. You can make it possible by not putting on tight clothes after tanning. Don't mess with the tanning solutions and opt for loose garments. The long dress that has sleeves with high-quality material increases your comfort level. It also helps you feel relaxed after your session. 

Apart from loose clothes, the color of the clothes also matters! UV-free tanning solutions consist of lots of chemicals that can stain your clothes. Do you want to ruin your designer outfit? (Hell no!). Dark clothes are ideal as they don't react fast and help you stay hygienic.  

Smells good, looks good!

Some of the tanners smell bad due to a lot of chemicals present in them. If you are a workaholic and scheduled an appointment, you can perfume the clothes you intend to wear after the session. It is not recommended to use deodorant or body spray. A good perfume is enough to cover up the smell. Don't smell like malt biscuits.

Final wrap up:

Airbrush tan clothes play an important role in the development of the tan. When you choose the right clothes during and after the session, it prevents you from disappointments. Before you put a blame on the airbrush tanner for not working in your favor, change your tanning attire. Keep in mind to wear loose and dark clothes for the session. And then, you can put on a skirt and flip-flops. Enjoy your session in tanning salons! Also, don't forget to apply lotion after you are done with an airbrush tan.


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