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What do you do with yard debris during a lock down?

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With the COVID-19 eruption putting the state on lockdown and disrupting garbage collection services, numerous councils have requested residents to start composting at home to help reduce the load on garden clearance in London.

What do you do with yard debris during a lock down?
What do you do with yard debris during a lock down?

Two examples are Clear the Lot and Somerset Waste Partnership.

Following the postponement of typical garden clearance and rubbish collection, organizations such as Clear the Lot and Somerset Waste Partnership have encouraged individuals to use home manure to deal with their surplus grass cutting and hedge trappings. Local authorities around London are working tirelessly to give the best possible service amid the COVID 19 crisis.

Every amount of garbage garden and food waste we can cut down on will make a huge difference in providing a good service to the working class. There is some online information regarding composting, which can be dangerous when first starting out, so we know where to begin.

The first step is to get a compost bin

Composting does not have to be elegant to begin, and it can be done for a very low cost. Setting up a compost bin is easy and inexpensive, involving only the development of a heap or the construction of a bay out of used pallets.

If you buy a compost bin, make sure it can withstand frost, rain, and sunlight. A wood or recycled plastic container is preferable for maintaining heat insulation and breathing capability, as well as creating the best circumstances for decomposition.

When microorganisms are given the right circumstances to develop, they break down organic materials. Composting performance is influenced by the type of bin arrangement you use as well as the location of the bin.

Continue turning the wheel

Producing high-quality compost is a test of endurance, as it can take anywhere from 10 to 18 months to mature. However, while that is running, keep turning over your compost to speed up the composting process, keep the heap aerated, and keep the bacteria at work.

What do you do with yard debris during a lock down?
What do you do with yard debris during a lock down?

Make the most of it

The procedure is complete when you have a dark brown earthy smelling material that mimics soil, however it is recommended to leave it for a month before using it in your garden. Contact the clear the lot company immediately if you require professional yard rubbish disposal in London.


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