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Having groceries, cabs, meals, and other services delivered to our door has become rather typical. Online pharmacies are the newest members of this convenience club.

Consumers are substituting a tap on their phones to buy medicine online. Going to acquire drugs can be a strain for patients and family members who are already anxious about their sickness – a weight that online pharmacies have removed.

Without a prescription, you will not be able to obtain prescription medications. If you do not have a prescription from a doctor, a legitimate medications supplier will never give you prescription medicines. Doctors, especially internet doctors, are only allowed to prescribe medications if certain criteria are met. They must, for example, have access to your medical records, which must be current.

When can medicines be prescribed online?

An online pharmacy can only give you prescription medications if the doctor meets the following criteria:

  • Possesses a therapeutic relationship with you
  • Possesses knowledge of your medication history
  • Have up-to-date access to your medical records.

To provide an accurate diagnosis of your medical problem, the doctor must meet all of these requirements. If they don't, they won't be able to provide you with drugs through the internet. Online doctors are not permitted to provide prescriptions based on your responses to an online questionnaire.

Safety & Authenticity

To protect their customers' interests, online pharmacies follow all legal regulations and procedures. The sale of Schedule-H and Schedule-X medications is governed by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of 1940 and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules of 1945. Online pharmacies verify that pharmaceuticals have suitable labels and bar codes and that they are only sold when a valid prescription has been received.

They ship pharmaceuticals in factory-sealed containers and match digital records to batch numbers. This keeps expired drugs off the market and ensures that consumers receive only genuine medications.

Quick Treatment 

With the advent of online pharmacies, rapid treatment is now only a click away. People can schedule an appointment with a licensed doctor online and avoid standing in line for minor diseases. If you are looking to buy medicine online, users can place an order for the appropriate medicine after receiving an e-consultation, making this a quick and convenient choice.

Prescription drugs should not be purchased from online vendors who do not require a prescription.

Have you discovered an internet retailer that sells drugs that normally require a prescription without a prescription? Be wary: they're peddling phony medications. Using them can seriously damage your health.

Tips to Buy Medicine Safely 

Below are the tips on how to buy medicines online safely:

  • Can only purchase over-the-counter (OTC), conventional, and health supplement medications (MAL number ended with X, T or N). Controlled drugs are those with a MAL number ending in A. (require a prescription). Check the status of a registered product online or on Google Play with the “NPRA Product Status” app.
  • Medicines that require a prescription are forbidden from being sold online. Prescription products can only be obtained from a qualified pharmacist or dispensed by a registered doctor.
  • Avoid purchasing drugs from an online pharmacy based in another country.
  • Don't be fooled by shady advertisements.
  • It should be reminded that purchasing medicine online from unlicensed sources may result in receiving unregistered, counterfeit, or drugs contaminated with dangerous scheduled poisons.


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