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What do you need to know about Wood Pallet Collars?

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You might already know about Wood Pallet Collars; here we explain some essential details about it such as what exactly are wood pallet collars, what are its benefits, where can you use them, etc.

What are Wood Pallet Collars?

Pallet collars are an efficient and contemporary packing solution. Holzaufsatzrahmen pallets are used to store and transport goods of different sizes.

If you are looking for a modern solution to keep all of your goods safe and sound, then safely pick pallet corners. They also help to keep the items in an organized way while they are in shipment or storage. The pallet collars are used worldwide for improved security.

What Are Pallet Collars?

Palettenaufsatzrahmen contain four to six pieces of wooden board that is linked with metal hinges. It is in a square frame shape. While the frame of wood pallets can store the items within the pallet, the metal hinges on the collar can be collapsed to make it flat when needed.

If you need wood pallets for your warehouse or company, then you can easily get the highest quality refurbished wood pallets in the market. The top two benefits include:

  1. Saves space

Wood pallet collars allow you to save a lot of space in warehouses and when the products are in shipment. By keeping the pallet collars on top of wood pallets, you can easily stack pallets and create more space-saving and efficient storage. It will also ensure that the products are not damaged.

Having the products on the wood pallets, the collars ensure their safety from the damage caused due to over packing. The corners can be collapsed, so it doesn’t occupy much space when they ate not in use.

  1. Saves cost

One of the prime benefits of using pallet collars is that you can save a lot of money. Pallet collars keep the products and wood pallets protected from damage. This needs less maintenance and replacement expenses. You don’t need to repair them frequently. Since pallet collars ensure efficient packaging, you can ship more products in less space. This cuts your transportation costs. It can also cut your logistics costs. Hence, pallet collars are considered as one of the lucrative investments.       

Pallet collars have been helping many companies to keep their products safe at every step. Right from the manufacturing to storage and until the final delivery at the destination, the pallet corners keep the items protected at all times. Not only do the pallet collars keep your products secure, but they also prevent damage to the wood pallets. The damage of the wood pallets would mean buying a new one, enhancing huge cost.



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