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As a landlord, finding a reliable tenant for your property can be a daunting task. Though, this task can be made a cakewalk by hiring one of the best property management companies in Florida

It’s no secret that renting a property to the wrong tenant or a delinquent one can not just damage your property in the long run but also lower your property valuation. It can also be a nightmare for your neighbors to live with a delinquent tenant and can even result in forceful eviction and certain legal issues. 

Therefore, to help alleviate these risks, the best property management companies in Florida always make sure to run a background check on potential tenants to help you stay clear of any delinquents. 

A typical tenant background check consists of checking the rental history of the tenant, looking for any criminal records in the past, checking their credit score to gauge whether they’ll be able to pay the rent on time, and looking for tenant interviews to figure out whether they’ll be able to look after your property well or not. 

Running a thorough background check on potential tenants can help stay clear of bad quality tenants and also any financial risks in the future. Read on to find out about the factors that are included in the background checks of your tenants! 

Factors Included In Rental Background Check

Rental background check or tenant screening is a process of evaluating your potential tenants to assess their ability to fulfill the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Running such background checks also helps ensure whether the potential tenant will be able to take good care of your property or not. 

1. Credit Score 

Checking the credit score of a potential tenant can help determine whether they will be able to pay rent on time every month or not. The credit report of a potential tenant can provide powerful insights into his/her financial situation and their ability to make timely payments. It’s a common notion that a potential tenant with a higher earning income will always pay rent on time. 

However, this is an assumption that you as a landlord cannot afford to make. The best property management companies in Florida always check the credit score of the tenant and look for their basic information, any indicators of fraud, an active summary of their trade line, their actual credit score, etc.

2. Resident Score

A resident score is calculated around the needs and the requirements of the landlord and helps predict the potential lease outcomes. It can be an important indicator of direction and is more accurate than the above-stated credit score. A resident score is designed in a manner to help landlords make a more informed decision regarding their rental property and identify more elections.

3. Employment History 

To help run a thorough background check on your potential tenant, the best property management companies in Florida will always ask the tenant about their employment history. The employment history of the tenant will help you confirm whether they are temporarily or permanently employed currently and how long they were waiting for a job. 

This will also be a vital indicator of whether they’re trustworthy or not. The employment history of a tenant can speak volumes about their character and their present financial situation. Therefore, as a landlord, it is imperative for you to always ask for your potential tenants' employment history.

4. Income Checks 

An income check and a credit score check might sound the same, However, they’re poles apart. The important point to note here is that credit scores do not contain information about the tenants’ current financial income. A credit score report will only tell you whether your potential tenant made their financial payments on time or not. 

Though, if you want to gauge whether your potential tenant can afford to pay your monthly rent or not it is important to find out their income. The best property management companies in Florida can help you review the income level of an applicant and get an idea about how much income is necessary to afford the monthly rent you are charging.

Wrapping up

When it comes to leasing your property, it’s best to get your hands on all the information and data about your potential tenant that you can. Other than the factors listed above, rental background check also consists of checking the criminal history of the tenant and their eviction history. 

The best property management companies in Florida can help you run through background checks on your potential tenants and turn your real estate investment into a profitable one.



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