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Beyond the exquisite beauty of Opal jewelry, there lies the worth knowing history of this stone which propelled the buyers to increase their collection with this stone. The beliefs, symbolism, and healing are some of the other important facts to fall in the tapestry of facts this stone holds within its presence.

The Worthy Era of Opals

Opalus, a word which took its significance from the famous Sanskrit word name upala, meaning precious. This stone suggests the valuable presence from the last many centuries for Romans and other cultures around the globe. This rare and multicolor gem is also expressed as the stone forming in the shape of tears mourned by the god Zeus after defeating. The most prominent Hindu mythology suggests this gemstone as the highly worshipped gem, known as the goddess of rainbows.

Opals Give You Benefits

The Opal is known as the shielding and futuristic stone, which is worn as the amulet retaining Opal, thus protecting an individual from the wrong instincts. The powers of this stone increase memory retention and allow the wearers to identify their friend from the enemy through the change in its hue. This stone helps an individual maintain peace, emotions, and a rejuvenated sense of faith functioning as the fair luck charm.

If you know someone is encountering an intense trauma of emotions, then an opal necklace works for them well in that regard by striking the proper balance. In addition, Opal provides grounding vibrations to the wearer through its energy by giving a clear perspective and open heart.

Accentuate Some Extra Jazz Wearing Opal Jewelry

The shine of the Opal provides complete satisfaction to the wearer when worn in the form of an opal bracelet. It is the amalgam of beauty and brilliance, which is clear in its versatile play of colors. This semi-precious gemstone is also called as the ‘Queen of Gems.' Depending upon the ones of your choice, you may find this stone in the form of an opaque, translucent, and transparent state. It's majorly abundant in Australia and is now accessible in other areas of the world.

Despite creating prominent jewelry in the fashion world, this gem holds astrological significance. In terms of astrology, this gem is associated with the planet Venus. Furthermore, this diamond substitute bestows blessings and powers in the lives of wearers. Overall, this opal pendant can be referred to as the fulfillment gem for babies born in October.

Know The Color Game of Opals

Black opals: These types of opals are the most popular ones, which exhibit a dark body and are mainly dotted with cool blues, greens, and fiery reds.

White opals: These opals display a gray body and seem milky in colors. They normally have purple, green, and blue undertones.

Fire opals: As the name suggests, this form showcases a translucent red body, with the tinch of yellow and orange throughout.

Blue opals: Blue categories of opals are also referred to as the Peruvian opals. They are creamy bluish gems that display lighter purple, pastel greens, and turquoise when light diffuses through the body.

Know The Ways of Carrying Opal

Since the demand for opals comes from the vibrance of this gemstone, which fits well with the match of different gems and outfits. The rainbow and shimmery appearance of opals create an impact by complimenting various colors. You can choose to wear streamlined monochromatic outfits or the other contrasting pairs to draw some attention to your jewelry game for good.

Complementing your skin shade with an opal bracelet is another remarkable point to be discussed in this article when it comes to this gem. The light white or blue opal bracelets look beautiful against the dark skin shade, whereas the darker hue looks admirable on a light skin tone. You could layer your bracelets to experience the layering effect, or the wearer may also experiment with the single bracelet as a basic articulation piece. In the end, it's crucial to wear what you adore, needless of what styles persist in the trend.

Show Good Care For Opals

The hardness of opals lies 5.5-6.5 on the scale, which makes it brittle and sensitive. So opal ring look good when you wear them on special occasions; their flair against the basic shades adds some personalized touch to your character. If you have some liking towards the blacks and grays, then white Opal will come stunningly on them. The opals rings will surely accentuate the charm of your finger by adding some tickling sensation of shine on it.

And it's essential to clean your ring on a regular basis to maintain its luster and make it even more versatile for occasional usage. Even gifting such ornaments to your partner gives you more understanding and love.

Where to Buy?

When it comes to the power of wearing opals, then you should choose them most desirably and authentically. And to focus more on this point, Rananjay Exports is one of the best places to enhance your collection with this stone.




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