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Exactly that's what we're thinking when it comes to a thorough after-builder's cleaning.

We only hire professionals

We have our own detergents and cleaning equipment.

Building debris and rubbish should be disposed of nearby trash cans or in the bins themselves after building work is completed.

We clean all floors/carpets professionally to remove dirt and dust, as well as paint or plaster marks left behind

All window sills, frames, and sills should be cleaned internally from leftover debris, paint, and plaster

Skirting boards, wainscoting, doors, door frames, fixtures, switches, and sockets all need to be cleaned

Removing all dust, paint, and plaster from kitchen, bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and common areas

Thoroughly vacuuming any soft furnishings

Polishing all surfaces and woodwork

Having a final inspection ensures a dust-free environment for a healthy living space.


Three Things to Do After Renovation:

Cleaning carpets and upholstery – When you renovate, dust and dirt will be everywhere. Curtains, upholstered furniture, and carpets are easy places for these particles to embed. In addition to the appearance of your home, your family may also experience itchy, irritating reactions to its final look. We must vacuum all soft surfaces and pay attention to details when performing the after-builder's cleanup. Our team of highly qualified professionals will remove and vacuum every piece of furniture cushion and underlying frame. The entire property will be vacuumed so no dust will remain after we've finished, so don't worry if we need to do a little extra work.

All the Hard Surfaces – Simply wiping the dust off does not even come close to the thorough cleaning we strive for. By that, we mean everything from your kitchen table to your walls and beyond. Even the slightest construction results in dust and dirt collecting on every surface. We know how to clean properly without causing any damage to your newly renovated home.


Moldings and cabinets are one of the most popular resting places for tiny dust particles. You can count on us to handle all the hard-to-reach corners and leave nothing less than perfect cleanliness behind.

If you want to get rid of all the construction dust, then the air vents and replaceable filters are some of the top priorities. That's why our team will remove all vent covers from the surrounding walls and ceilings, and thoroughly clean them.


This is certainly a must when it comes to proper post construction cleaning since breathing dusty air can lead to respiratory issues. Be sure to replace the replicable air filters and covers for all the air vents before you consider everything done.


What Affects the Cost of After Builders Cleanups?

Dimensions of the property – Logically, the first factor is always the size of the area. Long story short – the bigger the property is, the higher the price. ICleaning costs for residential homes are determined by the number of rooms.rooms.rooms. ICleaning costs for commercial buildings are determined by the number of floors.

Complication – When we're hired for post construction cleaning, we know what to expect, but sometimes the reality is beyond our expectations. Therefore, in some specific cases, the complexity of the area that needs to be cleaned must also be considered.

It involves clearing piles of leftover concrete, wood, or any other material that was used or not used during construction. However, your costs may increase if additional labour or equipment is required to dispose of certain materials, for example steel, which is quite heavy, or asbestos, which has been proven to be hazardous.

When booking a company, make sure to clarify the details.

Additional services – Another aspect that you should consider before hiring a professional company is the cost of the added service. Occasionally, fixed-price offers or packages exclude areas such as exterior windows on higher floors, pressure washing of driveways and pavement, and cleaning of fixtures such as lights. You should book everything at once.


Get the best results when you combine our cleaning services.

Why not combine our carpet and upholstery cleaning services with your after builders clean? Doesn't it make sense to get the whole job done all at once? Even with the best efforts, you'll always have ruined furniture or carpeting after a renovation. Don't worry. We can guarantee that when you come back home, your place will sparkle and be bright. Ultimately, the home of your dreams is what you've always wanted – so why not get it exactly as you imagine it? Booking a service that's worth it is as simple as calling


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