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What Does Your Birth Chart Say About Betting

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Astrology involves procedures that help to detect information about human life by analyzing the placements of celestial objects. To put it in simple terms, Astrology helps to gain insight into various queries or situations through your kundli/ birth chart. Since betting is a game of Luck, astrology for betting helps the native to look into the fate of a game. The astrology for betting is commonly used by various people involved in betting and share market activities to see what's in store for them in the future.

Astrology can help you in betting. The kundli analysis helps in knowing whether you will make fortunes or lose it in betting. Before delving into your birth chart, you should understand the placement of various planets, houses, and zodiac signs in your chart. This understanding helps determine your chances of winning or losing in betting. Astrology for betting provides you with strong astrological facts about your chances of making fortunes in a game. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at your accurate arrival on this Earth. It can be procured by using your correct date, time, and birth location.

Once you have understood your birth chart with the help of astrology for betting, you are sure to know your Luck in gambling. You get to know whether your stars support you in the game of betting and lottery or not. If you have favorable stars and planets in gambling houses, you can earn abundant riches through it; otherwise, you have to lose everything in it. Thus, it is imperative to meet an astrologer before making any decision related to betting. 

How does astrology for betting work?

In a similar fashion to Vedic Astrology, future predictions for gambling and betting are based on the position of different planets in your birth chart. To understand the significance of betting astrology, it is important to know whether you are meant to bet or not.

There are a few zodiac signs which are considered beneficial for betting. The zodiac signs of Libra, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Cancer, Pisces, etc., are good signs for betting. But again, as nothing works in isolation in astrology, the placement of planets in these signs will decide the final result.

Which house is seen for betting?

If you ask which house is for betting, the 5th house is the main house for betting. The 5th house shows gains through share market activities and betting. A strong 5th house indicates good gains through betting. Apart from the 5th house, the 8th and the 9th house are also important for making gains through betting. The 8th house is the house of sudden gains like inheritance and lottery. The 9th house is the house of fortune. A person with a strong 9th house gets the support of Luck, and you need to be lucky to win in betting or earn through the share market.

The astrologer analyzes these houses to understand the capability of your birth chart to make you win in betting. If these houses are weak, a person generally loses in betting. Thus, it would help if you met an astrologer to understand the position of these crucial houses meant for betting. Also, the transit of certain planets through these houses helps the natives to gain through the betting and speculation business. 

Zodiac signs, as mentioned above, bring Luck, especially when these fall in the fifth house of horoscope. Understanding these basic things will help you know your Luck for a betting deal. 

Why do people use astrology for betting?

Who doesn't wish to get rich and famous? Betting is something that brings abundant wealth in a short period and makes you gain limelight within the night. If success and money come without working hard, who will not embrace them? But this not-so-pure desire also makes people lose their hard-earned money in betting, poker, lottery, shares, etc. This is the world of gambling. Ethics don't permit betting or gambling, but it has become a legal profession today. We know how popular the stock exchanges worldwide are! 

Everyone feels attracted to gambling or betting, but not everyone can make fortunes here. It is not Luck by chance, and your horoscope indicates success or failure in betting. 

Astrology and betting/gambling

Betting mostly depends 90% on Luck and 10% on research or studies. It is important to remember that Luck dominates all the requisite betting conditions. Luck doesn't favor everyone all the time. So, it is mandatory to understand how lucky you are. The ninth house has to be vital to be lucky. If it is occupied by the weak planets or if its lord is weak or in affliction, there is less support of Luck for a person. If the ninth house has fewer points in ashtakvarga, then a person's Luck is also weak. One should know his stars before jumping into any big game.

Can I take betting as a profession?

For taking betting as a profession, there have to be these few indications in the birth chart-

The planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Rahu, and Moon are the planets to bring money through betting. If someone asks, which grah is responsible for gambling? Then Venus is the No. 1 planet to make a person win through gambling and betting. Venus is also helpful in earning through the share market. If these planets are present in the fifth house of the birth chart, the person earns through betting and lottery. 

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus is also a strong indication of winning a grand lottery. Both these planets indicate wealth, and a person earns abundant wealth with their conjunction. Now, if they are present in the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th houses, the person earns through gambling and the stock market.

The zodiac signs like Taurus, Cancer, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces have to be strong in the birth chart. These should not contain a debilitated or afflicted planet. These signs help to gain through betting.

The above combinations increase the possibilities of making easy money, and if there are strong planets in these signs, the person gains enormous wealth through betting.

People with a strong Moon in the fifth house make big money through betting. But here, the 12th house in kundli should not have any affliction. 

The transit of the benefic planets through the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th houses gives promising opportunities to earn through betting.

If these houses make any connections with the 2nd house, the person makes wealth through Luck or betting.

Jupiter, if strong, transits through the 8th house and gives sudden gains with its transit. 

One may also contact an astrologer to know their lucky days, colors, numbers, and direction. Depending upon the suggestions, they can select dates and places. 

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People with Taurus in the 7th house and Saturn in Virgo sign can make significant gains through gambling or betting.


There are other things to b checked for knowing the possibility of earning through betting. The astrologer should understand planetary placement carefully. Based on the natural significations of the planet, he should then give the proper guidance o the person. Divisional charts like D10 and D2 charts are also essential to understand wealth status and the means of earning it.  

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