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What exactly is a rocker switch, and how do cars use them?

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All types of car functions are controlled through several switches. On the other hand, some switches need higher current capacity, while others are of low capacity. The switch of the lower voltages is usually for controlling the electrical relay connection. It is for triggering the higher voltage for the functions' operations. In this article, we will explain rocker switches and how car owners can benefit from rocker switch manufacturers in India. 


What Is a Rocker Switch? 


A rocker switch is an electrical switch integrated with the spring-loaded button. With this, the circuit is only completed when you press the switch in any way, and when the switch is released, the spring will push the button back to its starting position. Most people do not know this, but one rocker switch can work with more than one circuit. 


The primary example is that the switch is also used for powered door locks. As the lock button is pressed, the power lock’s actuator will have to work to lock. But, when you press and release the button, the switch will return to its default position, cut the power flow, and let the lock remain locked. The unlock button is located in the opposite direction of the rocker switch. The rocker switch manufacturers in India ensure that the switch's circle can go back and forth. It is for keeping the function the same as locking the actuator when the position of door is in the unlocked position. 


There are a few switches that also work as the timer. When you release the button, there is also a feature that continues to function till the timer is off. You can see this in the grid button for the back window defogger. 


Rocker Switch in a Car 


You can consider cars to be the rocker switch's arena. Hence, car manufacturers and service providers keep the sear rocker in case there is an emergency. In addition, several models of cars use the switch to power the lock switches of a door. Other than that, the other uses of the rocker switch in a car are: 

  • Heated seat switches. 
  • Power window controls 
  • Rear window defogger grids. 


Some auto vehicles use the switch to ensure essential activities such as the horn or hazard are addressed instantly without needing the next use. Rocker switches are famous in most types of systems since they provide convenience and ease of use.  


With the features returning to their default position, you will not have to pay attention to a toggle switch. If you want to purchase the rocker switch, you will have to ensure that you are working with the top manufacturers in India who can provide you with the robust and best material for the switch. So even though the product is the same, the quality will differ significantly. Elcom are the leading rocker switch manufacturers in India. 


Before buying the product, you must check whether the switch is working correctly and has all the necessary safety measures. When buying this product from rocker switch manufacturers, you should ask them questions regarding rigidity. 




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