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Although brown fused alumina has a wide range of uses, the current state of overcapacity of brown fused alumina companies has become more apparent. According to surveys, in recent years, some companies have upgraded their smelting furnaces and their production capacity has been further increased. There are more than 200,000 tons of capacity under construction. Market demand has been slowing down, but output has maintained a continuous growth trend, product supply and demand are imbalanced, and production capacity is severely overcapped, resulting in fierce market price competition.

The wholesale prices of brown fused alumina manufacturers are affected by many factors, such as the supply and demand relationship that determines the price. aluminium oxide Restricted by the economic situation and market demand, domestic brown fused alumina manufacturers have lowered the wholesale price of brown fused alumina one after another. Fortunately, they have a place in the highly competitive brown fused alumina market.

Brown corundum Al2O3 ≥ 95% in Henan, the market price of dumping furnace sand is mostly 3600-3700 yuan/ton, and the price is lowered by 200-350 yuan/ton; the mainstream price in the fixed furnace market is mostly 3500-360 yuan/ton, and the price is lowered by 300 -500 yuan/ton.

The wholesale price of brown fused alumina manufacturers is not only affected by the market economy, but also affected by national policies. According to relevant survey results, there are fewer large-scale production companies, and more than 60% of the actual output of brown fused alumina manufacturers is within 20,000 tons. hsl abrasive In recent years, due to the limited domestic demand for brown corundum abrasives, many companies have begun to gradually reduce production capacity in order to reduce financial pressure, and the production capacity release rate is at a low level.

China's economic growth is slowing down, and demand for brown fused alumina is also declining. At present, the efficiency of steel enterprises is sluggish, and terminal demand is difficult to boost. With the gradual increase in the pressure of enterprises’ shipments, the market trading order has become chaotic, and prices are uneven. Abrasives industry, brown fused alumina abrasives industry may be improving, injecting fresh blood into brown fused alumina, so in the later stage, brown fused alumina enterprises seek vitality and diversified development will be more obvious.


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