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It is good to have trees in your surroundings to purify the air and aesthetically improve the space. Sometimes, trees can pose a threat, so their timely removal is essential. The tree's branches can get stuck in electrical wires, or it can fall on your home. The roots of trees can grow into your home foundation, making it weak. Decaying trees can spread disease to other healthy trees in your lawn. Thus, tree removal service is of great importance.

The cost of a tree removal service in St. Johns County depends on various factors. These factors can help you find a tree removal service under budget. If you want to know about those factors, read on.

Factors that determine tree removal cost

Removing heavy trees can cost more as it may require more people for its removal and large equipment. However, several other factors determine the cost of removal; let’s learn what they are-

  1. Tree size

A small-sized tree is easy to remove; it can cost less. Many fruit-bearing trees are small-sized, and removing them doesn’t cost you much. A large plant such as an oak tree that is more than 80 feet high can cost more for removal.

  1. Thickness

Height is not the only dimension to consider for removal cost. A thin tree of great height can cost less than a matured thick tree. As stated above, removing a thick tree requires heavy equipment, costing more than thin trees.

  1. Tree health condition

Besides tree size and thickness, its health condition also determines the cost. A diseased tree is much easier to remove due to its weakening condition, provided it is at a non-dangerous place. Similarly, removing a tree will not cost you much if it has fallen itself without creating an emergency. Removing an already lying tree is not a big deal for experts.

  1. Emergency services

If a tree falls on your property and you need urgent help, tree removal services can cost more. Any urgent situation needs attention; the person performing the tree removal task must be careful to avoid further damage. Similarly, if you want tree removal services after a storm, it can cost more due to high demand.

  1. Tree numbers

Tree density per acreage is also an important factor in determining cost. If your lawn has more trees, it will add to the cost. If you live in a place with a high tree density, you can keep this factor in mind.

  1. Other factors

The cost of tree removal services may depend on factors other than size, thickness, and number. If the soil is muddy or the surface is sloppy, it would be difficult to remove trees. Similarly, if the tree is located near wires or at a dangerous location, it would be less accessible. In all such cases, tree removal can cost more.

The above factors influence the cost of removing trees; however, you can compare the prices of different services to choose the best one.

Tree removal is a dangerous task, so it is better to call experts. Sometimes the situation is tempting and needs instant attention. Is it safe to remove trees on your own? Let’s see.

When can you cut or remove trees?

Sometimes a tempting situation may leave you with no option other than removing the tree yourself. However, removing even a small fruit tree could be dangerous because you lack appropriate safety equipment.

If the tree is in an open area, you can remove it with the help of some people. For that, you can learn a few points to remove the tree safely-

  • In Mandarin, tree removal experts always wear hard hats and boots to avoid the risk of injury. Similarly, you can also wear some safety gear such as goggles, boots, glasses for protection.
  • Sometimes the situation is complicated, and you can feel perplexed; it is better to connect to an arborist over a phone call for advice. They may suggest you some tricks for removing tree branches safely.
  • If possible, try removing only small trees as professionals never suggest removing trees more than 10 feet.
  • Sometimes, you may have to seek permission to cut a particular tree type check for it before starting your task. 


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