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Contact Dr. Parag Telang to learn more about chin surgery in India and its cost in detail. He has performed many successful chin augmentation and reduction surgery. To learn more, pay a visit today!

Chin reduction surgery, also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, is a procedure intended to remove the double chin and improve one's overall facial appearance. This surgery is done to get rid of extra fat under the chin. People with droopy skin on their chin that does not improve with exercise, treatments, or other interventions require chin reduction surgery.

A double chin appears not just due to obesity but also when an individual loses significant weight. People seeking a sculpted jawline and an improved overall appearance may undergo Chin Reduction in India with Dr. Parag Telang, a famous and internationally renowned face plastic surgeon.

Various factors, including aging, can cause a double chin. Because of the effects of the sun and environmental exposure, the skin quality of the neck and face areas deteriorates and gets more wrinkled as people age. Weight fluctuations might also be the root of a double chin.

 What concerns can chin reduction surgery can target?

The surgery can address several concerns related to the appearance and balance of the face. This includes:

  1. Large or prominent chin
  2. Chin asymmetry
  3. Receding or weak chin
  4. Chin length
  5. Facial harmony

 What happens during chin reduction surgery?

During chin reduction surgery, incisions are made in the mouth or under the chin. The surgeon shapes the bone to make it more appealing. The surgeon will create a cut inside the mouth and reposition the facial bones. Depending on the nature of the work, the procedure can take anywhere from less than an hour to three hours. The Chin Reduction Cost in India, can vary from patient to patient and based on their requirement. Once can contact Dr. Parag Telang to learn more in detail about surgery cost.

 After the surgery

  1. The surgeon usually applies a bandage that will be in place for two to three days following cosmetic chin surgery.
  2. Patients may suffer some tenderness, but recommended medications can manage post-operative discomfort. Chewing will most likely be restricted immediately following chin reduction surgery, so a liquid and soft food diet can be required for a few days.
  3. Most patients experience a stretched, tight sensation following surgery, which usually disappears within a week.
  4. Most swelling will be gone in six weeks, and an individual will be able to appreciate the remarkable results of their treatment.
  5. Strenuous activities may be prohibited for the first few weeks after cosmetic chin reduction surgery. After around ten days, regular routines can be resumed.

 Post-operative guidelines

After-care guidelines provided by the surgeon, like preparation guidelines, must be followed. They make the healing process easy and comfortable. These instructions frequently include:

  1. The doctor will prescribe a tight compression garment. Patients must wear it for two to three weeks to avoid and reduce swelling on the chin and neck.
  2. Patients will be encouraged to rest.
  3. Patients should not move their necks in any direction.
  4. Patients should refrain from smoking for two weeks for a faster recovery.
  5. Patients must refrain from intense activity such as weight lifting or jogging for at least two weeks.
  6. Continue to take the medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  7. Patients must begin a light walk four days following surgery to keep blood flowing.
  8. Patients must adhere to the sleeping strategies recommended by their doctor.
  9. Patients must follow a healthy diet while under professional guidance.

 For people with recessed chin Dr. Parag Telang also performs Chin augmentation surgery that helps redefine chin shape.

In chin augmentation surgery, the surgeon works to enhance the chin, and it begins by making an incision in the natural crease line right beneath the chin or within the mouth, where the gum and lower lip meet. The cosmetic surgeon makes space for an implant or the bone to be shifted by gently pulling this tissue. This implant, constructed of synthetic material that feels similar to the natural tissue in the chin, is available in various sizes and shapes.

It permits the implant to be custom-fit to the patient's facial features. Following implantation, the surgeon closes the incision with tiny sutures. Scarring is not noticeable when the incision is inside the mouth.

Contact Dr. Parag Telang to learn more about chin surgery in India and its cost in detail. He has performed many successful chin augmentation and reduction surgery. To learn more, pay a visit today!


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