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Overly large female breasts are a medical concern that can affect the physical health and emotional well-being of women. The physical discomfort may include neck, shoulder, and back pain and irritated skin under the breasts. The heaviness of enlarged breasts can restrict women's ability to stay active. Some women even feel very conscious or embarrassed of having large breasts.

Thankfully, there is female breast reduction surgery in Mumbai performed at Designer Bodyz, one of the top plastic surgery clinics in India can help overcome these breast-related concerns.

Breast reduction surgery is an invasive procedure performed by a plastic/cosmetic surgeon to help people attain a breast size in proportion with the rest of their body. The procedure is carried out on oversized or enlarged breasts and is so named as reduction mammoplasty. It involves the removal of surplus breast fat, excess glandular tissues, and extra breast skin.

Before starting with the female breast reduction surgery, a registered anesthetist provides the patient with general anesthesia. In case the patient requires a small reduction, the anesthetist provides local anesthesia or sedation. This is done to ensure that the overall surgery is a comfortable experience.

Generally, breast reduction surgery at Designer Bodyz involves the following steps:

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Steps in Detail

  • Firstly, the surgeon makes an incision. There are different incision options that surgeons can choose from. One is a circular cut around the areola. Another is a keyhole or racquet-shaped incision pattern. In this, the cut is first made around the areola and extended in a straight vertical line down to the breast crease. The third incision option is making an inverted T or anchor-shaped incision pattern. It is made under the breast in the breast crease.
  • For most patients, the nipples are not operated and thus they remain attached to their supply of blood and nerves. However, for patients having extremely enlarged pendulous breasts, they are provided with free nipple grafts. Their nipples and areola are removed and repositioned at a higher point on the breasts. If the areola region is big, it is reduced by excising skin at its perimeter.
  • Through the incision, the surgeon takes out extra glandular tissues, fat, and skin. Sometimes, the surgeon makes use of liposuction techniques to get rid of surplus breast fat. For some patients, Liposuction alone can reduce breast size.
  • Next, the surgeon layers the sutures deep within the breast tissue to create and provide support to newly shaped breasts.
  • Once the lifting, reduction, and reshaping of the breast tissues are over, the skin incisions are closed using sutures, surgical tape, and/or skin adhesives. A drainage tube may be placed in the wound to prevent fluid or blood retention in the operated area for some time. Lastly, surgical dressings or bandages are used to cover the breasts.

The results of the female breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Parag Telang, a senior cosmetic and best plastic surgeon in Mumbai are instantly noticeable. Over time, the incision lines' appearance improves. The post-surgical swelling, bruising, numbness, pain, and discomfort resolve soon. A satisfactory new image is achieved at the end of the recovery.

If one is facing problems due to their large breasts they can opt for breast reduction surgeries at Designer Bodyz with Dr. Parag Telang. He has helped many females to get relief from the problems caused by enlarged brats and helped them regain their confidence with breast reduction surgery.


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