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The ancient traditions of India have long seen lizards befall humans as omens. The Gowli Pathana Shastra is an astrological segment that talks about the influence of lizards falling on different parts of the body. A detailed interpretation of this omen can be found in Gowli Panchangam. Interpretations and expected results are given by Gowli Panchangam for the lizard fall, depending on the time the lizard fell and the region of the human body. Sometimes the result is good, and sometimes it's not good for humans. 

Common results for falling lizard males and females Lizards falling to the right of males and to the left of females are considered promising and have been said to produce favourable results. Conversely, if the lizard falls to the left of the male or to the right of the female, an unfavourable outcome is predicted. It is said that a lizard that falls in the middle of the night brings neither good nor bad consequences.

Head: When a lizard falls on someone's head, it portends that they will enjoy a life of luxury, money, and royalty. If it hits a wealthy person in the brain, his riches will begin to erode over time. If a wealthy person who is ill and bedridden experiences a lizard falling on his head, he will begin to experience severe, agonising pain that is comparable to dying. For a poor man, the situation will, however, be the opposite.

Right ear: The native will live longer if a lizard falls on his right ear.

Left ear: will increase one's profit.

In to the lip: a sign of wealth destruction.

Under the lip: There is a chance that the native will live a rich lifestyle.

Above the throat: The native will triumph in numerous ways and vanquish his foe.

Above the heart: It could bring death or experiences that resemble death.

Between two knees: The locals will be given nice cars.

Between ankle and feet: It might kill the wife of the native.

If a lizard falls on men

face: Expect financial gains.

left eye: good.

right eye: loss and failure.

Mouth: Fear of feeling unwell. 

Finger: Expect visitors and old friends.

Toe: physical illness.

Moustache: Expect hurdles.

Hoe: There is a risk of injury. 

Nail: Some will occur on the left side, and unnecessary expenses will increase on the right side.

Neck: If you defeat it to the left, you will succeed, and if you defeat it to the right, the number of enemies will increase.

What happens when the lizard falls on the male's left leg: It is said that the person may suffer a loss.

Lizard falls on women

right eye: It causes anxiety and mental stress.

left eye: Your husband gives you a lot of love.

upper lip: You may be out to see the controversy.

lower lip: A new good omen will come to you.

Return: You can expect an obituary. 

Hand: Monetary gains along the way.

Shoulder: They are decorated with ornaments.

Toe: can give birth to boys.

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Remedies for lizard falling

After experiencing the lizard fall, regardless of any part of the body, you should immediately wash your head, visit the nearest temple and light a lamp to the deity. Chant the Maha Mrichunjaya Mantra to avoid negativity. Touch the golden lizard in Kanchipuram or touch the person who touched the golden lizard. Gold and silver lizards and sun and moon statues on the roof are seen in the temple. It is believed that if you touch the lizard, all bad influences will disappear. Do not panic. Follow the remedy to get out of all lizard doshas.


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