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A lot of individuals are terrified of lizards. If there is a lizard attached to the wall, they feel free to proceed. The lizards occasionally ingest us. We start to feel the worst revulsion at this point. Do you know what occurs if a lizard lands on a woman's right hand? On the basis of this occurrence, various proverbs and prophecies have been produced. Some people have a great belief in it, while others have no faith or belief in it at all. What a person believes or doesn't believe is up to them.

Lizard falling on the right hand for female

But this reptile is connected to a lot of things. Numerous things are connected to reptiles falling, according to Hindu scripture. Some of them exhibit favourable signals, while others show evil ones. It has been shown that a lizard falling on the head can cause mental stress and anxiety in a person. It might not be a good thing, and the person might have serious problems that could get worse. Your life could also become quite stressful if the lizard touches the fingers of your left hand. Thus, it is clear that having a lizard on your left hand is not a favourable omen.

The lizard on your right hand may frequently be found to have fallen. It indicates that you will receive new clothing or wear. This benefits the individual. These prophecies are all based on Hindu thinking and scripture. Even the lizard's tik-tik sound has a different meaning in our everyday life. If the lizard makes the sound of “tik tik” while you are speaking to someone, you are speaking the truth or the right thing.

If a lizard falls on the head of female

When the lizard lands on your head, it happens frequently. It may be the part that is the scariest. When a lizard lands on someone's head, it portends wealth and luck for that individual. If a person has an illness or is already unwell, the lizard falling on his head portends much pain for him in the future. We cannot, however, always stop lizards from landing on our heads. Any time is a possibility for it to occur.

Lizard falling on various body parts

  • It is considered lucky for ladies if a lizard appears on their left hand. It might also convey a helpful lesson for her.
  • A long and healthy life may be bestowed upon a person if a lizard lands on their right ear.
  • A considerable amount of wealth can be obtained if the lizard lands on the left ear.
  • The lizard falling on the lip may be a sign of the ruin of prosperity.
  • If it lands below the lip, it portends that the person's lifestyle will change.
  • The person will get a new vehicle if the lizard lands in between their knees. For him, it might be something remarkable.

One can, however, prevent the lizard from landing on the body. You must follow some guidelines to accomplish this. If the lizard lands anywhere on your body, you must take a head bath and light a candle before going to a neighbouring temple. By doing this, you can stop attracting bad luck into your life. Additionally, you can chant the Mahamrityunjay Mantra to drive away evil from your life.

Final words

If it's possible, you can also touch the golden lizard of the Kanchipuram temple or the foot of someone who has already done so. When the lizard lands on the body, it is best not to panic. To get out of this unpleasant predicament, you can only adhere to the aforementioned instructions. Every one of us should now realise that having a lizard land on their right or left side is considered to be very lucky. However, it will never send a positive message if the same thing occurs on the right side of the women and the left side of the men. Instead, it will make their lives worse.


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