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What Happens If Your Drain Line Gets Clogged?

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When your drain line becomes clogged, the water produced by your air conditioner has nowhere to go. Instead, it merely remains in the same line or in your drain pan and slowly and steadily evaporates back to room temperature, raising the humidity levels of your home. Too much humidity in the air is already an annoyance, as it can cause sticky and uncomfortable air in your home. However, it can also lead to mold and mildew growth, which can create a slew of health issues on its own.

Similarly, sitting water or water vapor near your air conditioning unit may cause further corrosion or rusting of metal parts that come into touch with the water or are placed near it. The occurrence of rust on the drain line reduces the lifespan of your system and may necessitate an earlier replacement, which is an extremely costly issue that could be easily avoided. As a result, you don't want water sitting at the bottom of your Condensate Drain Pan.

However, there is another possibility: if the water cannot drain away, it will simply gather as your air conditioner operates. The more water your system removes from the air, the more water will drop down into the pan and fill it up. A completely blocked drain line can eventually force the water in your drain pan to overflow, potentially causing catastrophic damage to your home.


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