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(astrology by date of birth)

The 8th house is the house of transformation. It's one of those houses that can't be easily defined with just a few words, because it covers such an important range of themes including death and rebirth, sex and intimacy, surgical operations/medical procedures, occult knowledge/spirituality, debt/finance concerns (including insurance), investment strategies for future gains or loss prevention, etc. If someone has Jupiter in their 8th house then there will be a lot of power in that placement, but the person may feel like they are not fully in control of this power. They may feel very strongly about issues related to religion/philosophy/higher truth which are likely to affect every area of their life. They will probably have strong feelings about social justice, politics and how to best run the world. More importantly for them personally they are likely to have a strong sense of what is right for themselves given their own personal views on life in general. Their destiny will be strongly driven by this viewpoint.


Since Jupiter represents growth, expansion and abundance it tends to be particularly beneficial when placed in one of the houses that reflect these things – including the 8th house. It's not hard to imagine that having Jupiter in its “natural home” might naturally produce lots of positive results – such as wealth, good investments, good insurance coverage (if needed), etc. If you want your future children or your family line to do well then Jupiter is the planet you should look at placing in your 8th house. For example, if you are a man and your Jupiter is in the 8th house then all of your male children will be likely to do well in their lives. If this Jupiter placement is further emphasized by other factors – such as being in Leo or having Mars/Uranus/Pluto in the same house for example – then you might also want to look at doing some specific activities that traditionally increase “luck”.

(astrology by date of birth)

Having Jupiter in the 8th can mean that an individual will experience periods where their life seems like it has been turned upside down, but later everything seems to fall back into place again (or there is an even better outcome). People who have this placement should not too much during these times when their life seems to be falling apart because it's quite possible that things will get worse before they get better. In the end though, even if the individual has a lot of struggles in their life, at least there is a silver lining to almost everything. Jupiter in this placement can mean that an individual may experience a profound spiritual/religious awakening which leads them down a new path and changes many areas of their lives for the better.

In addition, people with this placement often find themselves involved in financial dealings with other people who are abusing or misusing money or resources – possibly from illegal activities such as drug dealing, gambling scams etc. The 8th house also rules surgery and medical procedures so having Jupiter here might mean that you get involved with medical treatments that are not necessarily completely legitimate. If you have Jupiter in the 8th then you will likely need to do everything that you can to protect yourself from being ripped off by others, because people will try to take advantage of your generosity and kindness at times.

What are some possible consequences of having Jupiter in the 8th house?

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People with this placement will tend to find themselves involved in spiritual or religious activities. To get more pure results they might want to look into rituals/spells/prayers for protection, especially if there is a lot of negative energy associated with their money dealings (for example). Strongly consider looking into options involving “white” magic.

For all types of projects that involve earning money or making important financial decisions it will be important to have your Tarot cards read by a trusted professional who gets their information directly from the Divine. This will help you to understand if you are on the right path or not – it also provides more of an “outside” perspective since the guidance is coming from beyond yourself.

For many people with this placement there can be a tendency towards depression. Try to get enough rest, eat healthy foods, get plenty of exercise and make sure that you are spending time with positive/uplifting people in your life. It might also help for you to do more things that bring you joy (music, art, dance).

If money seems to be disappearing then consider doing some sort of prayer/spellritual asking for protection over your money. Make sure that you surround yourself with the Divine's love and protection before doing this.

It is also possible that your parents will not be able to protect you from some very difficult circumstances during your childhood (for example, if one parent isn't there or if one of your parents has bad intentions towards you). This might mean that they are trying to teach you something or it could simply be due to past-life karma where neither of them agreed to protect you in this life. If either of them was abusive/neglectful then look into doing a course on transpersonal karmic astrology (this will help explain more about why certain patterns keep repeating for both individuals involved).

Jupiter the 8th can indicate that you have a lot of psychic dreams. You might also have many “gut feelings” about things without being sure why, so try to develop your intuition so you can use it in your daily life. Sometimes just because there are bad energies around someone doesn't necessarily mean that they are “bad” people – maybe you have karma with them or they have karma with you which is why all this activity is happening.

People with Jupiter in the 8th house often find themselves involved in activities where they will be moving up in status/ranking at their job or within some type of group (for example). If you are not currently in school then this could indicate that you are trying to get further education but are not quite able to make ends meet when paying for it.

It is common with this placement to find out that someone you loved or loved you has passed away while your life was very difficult at the time. This could have happened during some type of surgery, illness or accident so try not to blame yourself – it's better to focus on loving that person rather than feeling guilty about whatever happened.


(online astrology birth chart)

Jupiter in the 8th house: Financial difficulty that comes and goes during childhood. Psychic dreams. Many “gut feelings”. Possible involvement with odd/eccentric people or groups. Being involved in activities where you might be moving up within some type of ranking/status system (this could happen at work, for example). Friends, lovers and other family members dying while life is very difficult for you to manage during these times. Saturn transits to the 8th house (especially around your birthday) indicate that it's time to let go of any financial ties to other people (for example) – this will help you gain more freedom down the line as well as keep you out of unnecessary debt.




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