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What Insights Does Food Delivery Data Scraping Uncover About Indonesias Culinary Scene?

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What Insights Does Food Delivery Data Scraping Uncover About Indonesia's Culinary Scene?


Indonesia has been the largest market in Southeast Asia for online food delivery businesses due to its large population and the adoption of the digital economy. Our distinct consumer panel captures up-to-date and comprehensive information on emerging markets through a targeted focus on food delivery data scraping in Indonesia. We have the most extensive proprietary data on e-receipts, which gives us the sole key to unlocking the future progress of the industry. The ability to track our dataset allows us to conduct deep analyses of macro-trends and detailed shifts in consumer behavior. It provides valuable information on what people eat, whether they order delivery, etc. More specifically, Indonesia's online delivery market history analysis shows a straight-line growth trend. Over the last two years, order values have shown encouraging growth of about 16.7 percent year-over-year. This data emphasizes the dynamic nature of the market and the occasions when businesses are there to cater to evolving consumer attitudes and market trends.

In the same way, online delivery companies in Indonesia have experienced a rise in the AOV (Average Order Value) following the incentives, from approximately 63.000 to above 68.000 IDR. It implies a favorable tendency in consumer expenditure within the food delivery segment. To obtain more comprehensive market dynamics and consumption patterns from 2019 to 2024, the most recent digital economy report provides an in-depth analysis and an impressive data bank. Furthermore, companies can draw on our food delivery data collection services to get helpful intel from their customers. Through this report and our food delivery data scraping service, we provide an insightful picture of the broadening market of online deliveries in Indonesia, and companies could take strategic advantage of the new opportunities by using this insight.

Unveiling Indonesia's Unique Food Delivery Landscape: A Dive into GrabFood Data


Indonesian cuisine is as rich and varied as its islands. Our analysis, powered by a food delivery data scraper, of GrabFood Indonesia sheds light on a fascinating trend: small restaurants dominate the online delivery space. In January 2024, about 75% of orders were from independent restaurants, with the remaining 25% from franchise brands like Mie Gacaoan and KFC.

Contrary to popular belief, in many markets, the top-selling foods on food delivery platforms are dominated by big franchises and fast food chains, which mainly leads to the quantities and cash value of the orders on the platforms. Meanwhile, the role is the total opposite in Indonesia. The local small-scale restaurants take center stage as they reflect the colorful fabric of Indonesian gastronomy and the deep-seated entrepreneurship genes of its culinary movers and shakers.

This specific feature reflects the necessity of being aware of cultural differences and sensitivities while trying to penetrate the Indonesian market. The importance of appreciating small merchants is noteworthy for businesses and investors pursuing opportunities in the growing food delivery market. By acquiring essential facts from a food delivery data scraping tool, the stakeholders can focus their strategies on Indonesia's dynamic culinary scene, which opens new doors for the expansion and maximization of the business.

Our detailed study on food delivery on GrabFood showed that the famous Mie Gacoan from the franchise restaurants is the most preferred option among customers. Well-liked brand restaurants like Richeese Factory, Kopi Kenangan, HokBen, and Solaria are among the other franchises. Interestingly, Mixue, a Chinese tea brand, also drew considerable attention, including its list as one of Grab's ten most-ordered franchise restaurants during the same period. Surprisingly, this outlet has a comparable order volume to the local coffee franchise Kopi Kenangan. This information uncovers a range of consumer choices with a high percentage of local and international cuisine on the GrabFood portfolio.

Top 10 Dishes Revealed Through Restaurant Data Scraping


Indonesia's gastronomic journey is explored in our compilation of the top 10 food-delivery website dishes. Beyond our obsession with data analysis, we are dedicated foodies. Through thorough analysis of our restaurant data collection endeavors, we show you what people love to order from Indonesian food delivery applications. What are the top 3 of this list? Drumroll, please! Based on our findings, the most highly selected ones are Chicken, Dish with rice, and Noodles (Ayam, Nasi dan dish, and Mie). Equipped with this understanding, your next meal in Indonesia you will undoubtedly enjoy! To sum up, we crave and feast on the variety of delicacies in this colorful gastronomic landscape. Our extensive data helps you pick the right place, be it classic Indonesian cuisine or international flavors.

Conclusion: The food delivery arena in Indonesia provides an opportunity to reflect the country's culinary heritage and consumer trends. The taste for Indonesian dishes has grown dramatically, from the dominance of small restaurants to the rise of franchise brands like MieGacoan and local heroes such as Richeese Factory and Kopi Kenangan; the scene brings together old and new flavors. However, Mixue, a Chinese tea brand, has also ranked among the standard orders, implying a broader acceptance of international food. Indonesian people are known to be masters of simple dishes, with chicken, rice, and noodles consistently ranking first. These facts demonstrate the vibrant character of the food delivery market in Indonesia.

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