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A blower is suitable for a variety of applications including ventilation, cooling, and exhausting. It is a device that enhances the air velocity by moving gas and air at low to high pressure.

You can easily use a blower for a specific function and it is best suitable when the pressure requirement falls between the compressor and fan. The mechanical device comes in many different types depending upon the flow capacity and operating pressure.

The purpose of a blower is to increase the airflow thereby removing contaminants including dust and dirt.


An air blower uses a rotating impeller/rotor to create a vacuum. This vacuum causes air to rush into the blower. The air enters the center of the impeller and is divided by the rotating blades. Centrifugal force increases the speed of the air and volume of the air stream within the housing.

Effectively, the kinetic energy of the impeller is transferred to the air. Pressure builds up as the volume of the airstream increases inside the housing. The air is then discharged from the housing towards a defined point.

This targeted channeling of the air is what differentiates an air blower from a simple fan. Air blowers, designed in as part of this system, will create a balanced airflow – reducing wasteful over-generation of excess volume and pressure.

Types of Blowers

DOUBLE INLET EXTRUDER BLOWERDouble Inlet Blower is high performing air-cooling solution that provides various design options as well as powerful capabilities. They can easily handle an excellent pressure drop, which is best for use in heat sinks having high fin density and also the heat exchangers for high execution cooling.

These blowers produce airflow that is perpendicular to the inlet, thereby allowing for enhanced flexibility in a housing geometry. This also facilitates more localized cooling and also more creativity in the whole system design. They are made in a way to offer highly optimized cooling with minimum acoustics that allows active cooling.

SINGLE INLET BLOWERSingle inlet blower can heat and cool an area simultaneously, the fan of blower does not require any motorization. It means that these units are highly compact to use. They are also positively silent when operating, which is an added benefit. These units can function on single blades or variable speed motors. Each one will have its specific services, and it is up to you to determine the most critical factors in your particular application.

BLOW MOLDING MACHINE BLOWER– A Blow molding machine Blower is a type of blower that grounds of flow and pressure speed. As the proportion of technique inlet pressure and outlet stress determines if a blower or fan needs to be chosen according to this rigid definition, even though the phrases are from time to time used synonymous. It includes the intended application, mill sort, interface style, and style, in addition to the parameters of leak capability, electric ratings, and measurements.


FORWARD CURVED BLOWER– The Forward Curved Blower, sometimes also called a side-flow fan, is a device that is designed to reduce pressure on the combustion air in an engine. This device is used to reduce back pressure on the carburetor and blower, allowing the fuel to flow more freely. Many believe this technology should be used in all engines. It works by blowing air over the top of a machine and down into an ash collector.

EXTRUSION MACHINE BLOWER– An Extrusion Machine Blower is a blower whose primary role would be to produce an immense stream of gas or air into many industries’ numerous processes. They genuinely have been electric followers with blades and wheels to induce a current of gas or air from 1 point to the other using specific specs.

All these extrusion machine blowers supply you substantially functionality such as combustion, venting, aeration, particulate transportation, exhaust, cooling system, air-cleaning, drying is a few of the number of. Predicated around the application, there are several blowers readily available in the marketplace.

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