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What Is A Bonded Pair In Cats?

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Cats are sociable creatures. But they are not all sociable. Some of them do not like to be in the presence of other cats. But there are some that love to be in the presence of their fellow felines. When they have a strong bond, they are called bonded pairs. When these cats become dependent on one another, it makes sense to adopt them together.

Are you still confused about what makes a bonded cat pair? The truth is, it is easy to know when they have bonded. Once they have developed their closeness, they will always be together. You will see them eating together, sleeping side by side, grooming one another, playing together, and lounging at the same time.

Once the bonded cats are forced apart, one of them will join the other immediately as soon as the other vocalizes. Doing so is the other cat’s way to protect her friend.

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