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Chain block is popularly known as a hand chain hoist that is attached with the mechanism of lifting the loaded item and leveraging the same with the help of a durable chain. Moreover, it is quite easy and convenient to move in comparison to that of a wire rope hoist. Along with that, it possesses the capability to give you a vertical lift without any additional hassle. It is of significant usage, especially for the professionals who are working at the construction sites. Chain Block is also connected with the jib cranes, chain bags, gantries, lifting slings, and others. You can search online to get the best chain block that functions durably and can easily lift and lower down the goods without much effort. 

How many types of Chain Pulley Blocks are available?

Chain Pulley Blocks are available in two major variant- Mini Chain Pulley Block (Portable Series) and Traditional Chain Pulley Blocks (HD Series). 

  • Portable Series: It has been observed that portable chain pulley blocks have safe and secure hooks that can withstand in any situation. Along with that, it possesses a gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover to ensure protection and security to the manual hoists from both sides. Further, it is free from dust corrosion and consists of double durable processing that can ease the operation of load chain Guide Mechanism. 
  • HD Series:It comes with an assurance of reliability and often lasts for a longer period. It requires a minimum effort for Chain Lifts with a warranted after-sales service at the helm. 

How Does a Chain Block Works? 

Chain Block comes with a grabbing hook and a lifting chain mechanism that can be operated with the help of handwheel. The process of chain block lifting begins with the connectivity of the loaded items to the grabbing hook. After that, when any user pulls the hand chain, the triple spur gears tighten gripping power to hold on the weight. With continuous pulling, it turns into the format of a loop that will make it easy to lift and hold the load. Different types of Chain Pulley is available online. You can search for the most durable one that is available at an affordable rate for lifting operations. 

Where are Chain Blocks used? 

Chain blocks are used mainly in the garage because there is ample requirement of pulling and removing the engines from any vehicle and re-fitting it after the repairing work gets over. Along with this, it requires at least two directional motion to ease the task. Further, it is prominently used at the construction sites to lift and shift the weights from one place to the other. It is available in multiple capacities that can easily and conveniently deal with an array of loading operations. These Manual hoists do not require electricity but contribute significantly to an assembly line. 

You can contact LOADMATE to purchase Pulley Block with an assurance of services and life-long reliability. 



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