What is a dark mode on Facebook and how to use it?

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Facebook is serving as one of the most effective platforms for growing business popularity through various means. Similar to other related platforms like Instagram, which is not limited to photo captions for Instagram and getting followers? Since the advent of Facebook, it has been subjected to multiple improvements day by day, and recently it has adapted to the dark mode feature as well. Facebook was a bit late to join the Dark Mode celebration. However, it seems it's time to turn off the bulbs. For those unfamiliar (or not well informed), Dark Mode changes menus and app interfaces from dark to light. Not only is it unique, but it is also designed to be more comfortable on the eyes. 

After testing dark mode on desktops for a few users, the social media giant is making this feature available to mobile users, but there is a caveat. It's now available in Facebook Lite, a less crowded version of its main app, which, according to the company's Facebook, was “designed for 2G networks and areas with slow or unstable internet connections.” However, even if you installed Facebook Lite, the feature is only available on Android and iOS, meaning iOS users have to wait to look for the light. However, we are not sure if the dark mode is enough to add Facebook Lite to our best Android apps list.

Facebook on the desktop has had an updated look for some users for a few months now, but the new layout is now available to everyone. This unique design includes a feature that has become more and more famous over the past year, namely Dark Mode. Many apps have introduced a dark mode option (see our guide on how to turn on dark mode in dark mode on Instagram and turn on dark mode in Slack). The dark method is popular because it can reduce screen glare, uses no battery power, and helps relieve eye strain. So without the Dark Mode, Facebook Desktop felt a little, well, trapped in the past.

Turning on the dark setting on Facebook is pretty straightforward. You can go to Settings, which are accessible by the down arrow on the right side of the screen. Then scroll down until you see the Dark Mode toggle, which you can turn on and off. It is also possible to switch to “classic Facebook” in Settings. However, this option will probably not last long.

Thanks to simplified navigation, Facebook says its latest design will allow you to “find what you are looking for faster.” Facebook says searching for group videos, games, and more has never been easier. We are not convinced. Maybe it's just us, but it turns out Facebook is getting more annoying and complicated to use. Probably due to the sheer number of choices and options you can make in the app, it's harder to navigate through the entire list, and there's no way to hide the ones you don't use.

It looks like every app and dog will be in dark mode soon. WhatsApp Dark Mode Beta Now, The Instagram Dark Mode Beta is now available. It's not just Instagram. Slack is dark now, which is an additional reason to slow down a late shift at work. It's great to watch Facebook begin to dim its lights, but hopefully, it will turn them off altogether shortly. For now, at least, when we browse the home page and wonder where exactly this group we once belonged to has gone, it can be done without risking hurting our eyes.


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