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What is a Data Center?

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A Data Center is a network of systems used by organizations and companies to organize, process, and store data. A business is specifically dependent on applications, services, and data in the DC, and uses the data center as a focal point for its daily operations.

The data center is not just a place. A DC is a place where a variety of IT equipment is located, including servers, network switches, storage systems, firewalls, routers, racks, and anything used to organize and connect IT equipment. A DC has the right infrastructure such as proper electrification and complementary power support systems such as power switches, permanent power supplies, support generators and ventilation systems such as air conditioners. All of these require a place with adequate and safe space for equipment.

What is a Data Center?

DCs can be divided into the following categories according to their size and function:

  • Private WANs
  • Service Providers (SP)
  • Extranet DCs
  • Internet DCs (IDC)
  • Local DCs (Intranet)
  • Organizational, Commercial or Academic Networks (Campus)

Data Center design and architecture

Many companies mistakenly think that any location can be used for a data center, but the fact is that choosing a DC requires a lot of research in various aspects. Regardless of financial issues, DCs are selected based on criteria such as the geographical location of the site, the access of the data center to the main roads, the temperature and weather conditions of the area, the availability of energy and the condition of telecommunication lines.

Given that there are different types of DCs and each of these DCs has its own design and architecture, you should note that the design of a DC must be done in accordance with the standards.

Necessary procedures for designing and setting up a DC:

  1. Initial design and preparation of technical drawings
  2. Obtaining the necessary permits

 Data Center

What are the applications of data centers?

DCs are used to provide services such as the following:

  • Bases for providing online gaming services
  • Application service databases (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Ability to use colocation and Dedicated Servers
  • A DC to provide email services for organizations
  • A database for providing a web hosting service including common items such as web servers, databases, FTP, Email, DNS and so on.




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