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In today’s world kratom is one of the most significant natural medicines which people consume regularly because of it’s beneficial effects. While buying kratom it is very essential to know the exact price.

There are many major factors that you need to know to purchase bulk kratom. One of the major facts is how much it costs. Well, different countries have separate market values of kratom due to their different taxation policies.

Again, kratom is cheap in those countries where it originated while it becomes expensive in countries where kratom is not easily available. Some vendors sell kratom too expensive while others at regular prices.

This article will be a good guide to all the buyers who are looking to purchase bulk kratom but are unaware of the price rate of kratom products.

We are now going to discuss the average price range of different forms of kratom including powder, capsule, and extracts of various online stores.

Price of kratom powder

Before buying kratom powder the main thing you need to select is the kratom strain. Based on kratom strain and its quality the price varies a lot.

Currently, the market price kratom powder starts from $10 per ounce. The premium Indo is sold at $10.99/ounce, red Bali at $12.99/ounce, Maeng Da at $21.99/ounce, and green Malaysian at $12.99.

The crushed leaf is cheaper than powder form as it requires less processing. But if you want to save your cost then you need to buy bulk kratom powder.

Price of kratom capsule

As we see above, the prices vary depending on the strains you choose. In the kratom spot website, you will see the price of a 20XL Maeng Da capsule is $29.99 and the white Borneo capsule is $19.99.

If you visit the keratocystic page you will get an ounce of Maeng Da capsule at $24.99 and the cost of white Borneo capsule is similar to the kratom spot.

In general, the price range of OG Bali, white Maeng Da Thai, red Kali is between $14.95 to $21.95 per ounce.

Price of kratom extract

The price of kratom extract is higher than powder and capsule as it is highly concentrated and requires more processing. However, kratom extract requires a smaller dose and it will be more effective.

In kratora site, 5g of kratom extract will cost $34.99 while ultra-enhanced Indo kratom extract will be available at $45.99. Similarly, in keratocystic 10 gram of kratom extract and ultra-enhanced Indo is available at $55.99 and $89.99.

Do keep in mind all these are average prices of kratom products. They may vary from place to place based on several reasons.


Understand the fact that having a constant price of kratom in every online site and the head shop is next to impossible. As the rate of kratom depends on its source, age, product handling, packaging, shipping, and so on.

So, it is advisable to check the quality of the product alongside the price. We hope now you can set your mind easily before buying your desired product.

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