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What is a Secure Email Service

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After the invention of email in 1971, it has evolved. Nowadays, it has become a popular medium of digital communication. But because of increasing security risks, many want to use a secure email service rather than regular email. Let’s see how a secure email is different from a standard email. 

Secure or encrypted email

Secure email works almost like regular email, but the thing that differentiates them is their security features. A secure email takes security as a priority compared to a regular email. You can send and receive emails as you do with your regular email. In simple terms, you won’t face any difficulties in using a secure email service if you know how to use a regular email service. 

If you think there is a particular definition for it, then remember that no definition is available for secure email. Any popular provider such as Gmail and Outlook can tell themselves ‘secure’ if they opt for any system to add security on their platform. Further, email security means that no one can access your account or when they keep your data and identity safe. 

If a secure email service is trustworthy, then note the provider won’t access your email conversations. Such email service providers will be located under a jurisdiction that won’t involve data sharing with intelligence agencies. A secure service won’t log meta and show personalized ads. 

Therefore, free platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo may not be considered entirely genuinely secure. You should switch to a secure email service if you want data security that you don’t get on Google Mail or any other free service. 

How does a secure email provider keep you safe?

End-to-end encryption systems play a vital role in making any service secure. Regular email providers like Gmail make the connection secure between a computer and the server. But the information sent over the server doesn’t have an encryption system. 

Your message content can be found on the Google service without any encryption. If it is hacked or stolen, anyone can read the message without decrypting it. But you won’t face this scenario with a secure email service. A secure email provider doesn’t keep user data on the server unencrypted. Your data is fully encrypted on the server, so it can’t be accessed by third parties.  

Which secure email service should you consider?  

It can’t be said that one secure email service is best for all. In the digital market, different kinds of providers offer different levels of security at varying price points. Everyone always wants to consider any service based on the budget they have. 

The popular, secure email provider is ProtonMail that comes with encrypted services. It encrypts the user’s data on the servers based in Switzerland. The company also runs audits to make sure data protection. You will get a mobile app for iOS and Android. ProtonMail doesn’t have support for default mail apps. 

Tutanota is another secure email service with different privacy features like privacy audits. Its server is Germany-based, and the service works as an open-source technology. The next secure email provider is Posteo which can be an affordable service for many. In addition to all these services, you can also consider Mailfence, mailbox.org, Fastmail, and CouterMail.  

Now you know everything about secure email service. You can decide on your own whether you should use it or not. If you are involved in any business or profession where there is a risk of data theft, or you deal in critical information, a secure email service is made for you. That’s all about a secure email and how it is different from a regular email. PublishedAugust 9, 2021

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