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Trust is very important in every Business. Precisely, People frames trust over time, after numerous interactions with the same person. In the case of customer interactions over phone calls are also the same. There is a Technical term such as “Sticky Agent” that connects the caller to the same agent, provided he/she calls within a specified threshold time. In simple language, it is the process of Connecting your customer to an agent they are familiar with already. Every single time they call allows your customers to relax, knowing they have connected with someone who knows their caller/customer history.

This leads to:

  • Better customer experience
  • Faster resolutions
  • Less conflict

Whenever your customers call more than once, they are not required to explain the same query or problem again. This decreases call wraps uptime and increase customer satisfaction. We can use this amazing solution in some cases such as customer relationship management is a high priority. For example, it is invaluable in industries like real estate, concierge services, personalized travel advisories, and financial services. It is also useful for emergency services, complaint resolution, and escalations. Many Businesses are offering it as a premium service offered to select client list also.

Voxbay developed a custom Sticky Agent module which works as explained below:

  • If a Customer has talked with an agent in past and the call is received from the same customer, the call will be routed to the same agent he talked before.
  • The caller will get the flexibility to talk with the same agent with whom they are having a conversation and this will save time and increase client satisfaction.

Before assigning sticky agents, you will need to Decide When You Want This Feature to Be Enabled. All your calls need not be diverted to Sticky Agents. You can set up your Sticky Agents for Specific skill groups, Calls from a particular source, Specific call types, etc.

Why Sticky Agent?

Trust and relationship building are two major benefits of the Sticky Agent feature. If the Callers/Clients speak to the same agent during a sale, the sale becomes easier and all interactions and communications with the team happen through the agent. This builds trust and improves conversion rates. When the same agent speaks to the customer, they are responsible for that customer’s complaints and are more liable to meet their commitments also.

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