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When looking to buy a new home, it is highly recommended that you get a home or building inspection done by a professional certified inspector, so that you know what hidden defects there are in the property before making your decision. Another important inspection to be done in conjunction with a building inspection is a Timber Pest Inspection in Sydney or anywhere else.

Termites and other wood boring pests hide where they cannot be seen and start to colonize, therefore you may not detect any damage that has been done to timber rich areas of the house with simply a visual examination. This is why you need professional certified inspectors to check your intended purchase for timber pests. An inspector will check all possible areas for signs of any termites, borers, decay fungi or anything else, as well as for any damage that may have been caused by them. In addition, they will also inspect and highlight those areas which may be conducive to pests together with giving information about the risks and recommendations of what can be done. All these findings will be included in their pest report which is given to the client. A Timber Pest Inspection in Sydney will usually include the following:

  • Current and past termite or other pest activity.
  • Damages caused by timber pests.
  • Dry rot or Woodrot.
  • Conducive conditions for pest infestations like areas with water leaks.
  • Dampness under and around the property.
  • Safety concerns caused by timber pests.
  • Recommendations on how to rectify certain issues.

Did you know that more than three hundred fifty different species of termites can be found in Australia, even though only a small percentage of these species actually cause harm to homes? Still, it is a huge problem that many people are facing, since an infestation in one house can quickly spread throughout the neighbourhood, causing havoc in homes. So, it is not only when buying a new house that you need to be careful about timber pests, but at all times, including the home you are currently living in. Most times, these pest infestations are not visible until they have done quite a lot of damage and there is a safety risk for the home dwellers, which is why regular timber pest inspections in Sydney are highly recommended.

What kind of pests are most common in homes?


Schedorhinotermes Intermedius – They eat both hardwood and softwood and can cause severe damages.

Coptotermes acinaciformis – Considered the most destructive of all termite species, and capable of causing a lot of damage in a relatively short period of time.

Nasutitermes Walkeri – This termite species is distinguishable by their dark colour and point on the head, and like to make their home in roof cavities. They prefer eating hardwood and don’t cause very severe damages.

Microcerotermes Turneri – They are a slow-moving species of termite who prefer to eat decaying or weathered timber. They can cause damage to timber as well as gyprock walls. Easily found in roof cavities and within walls.


Anobium borers – These borers can cause damage to antique furniture as well as pinewood flooring, especially in old homes where there are moisture and dampness issues in the floor area.

Lyctus borers – They prefer eating the sapwood portion of hardwood and any timber found with these borers should immediately be replaced.

Decay fungi – Under the right conditions these fungi have the ability to destroy entire wood structures. They cause the wood cells to decay reducing the weight and strength of the wood.

It has been found that at least one property in twelve in the Sydney area could have pest infestations and damaged caused by them, resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs for the home owners.

What are the benefits of getting a timber pest inspection in Sydney prior to purchasing your new home?

You get to know the ins and outs of the property – A visual inspection obviously will not tell you everything you need to know about the home you want to purchase, such as hidden defects and problems like pest infestations. Hence getting a professional inspection done means you know exactly what you are buying, and you won’t get any sudden surprises a few months down the road.

Peace of mind – You can live happier knowing that you are fully aware of the condition of the home you are buying.

Gives you negotiating power – If you are absolutely certain about a property you want, you can have greater negotiating power over the price when you know what hidden defects or repairs there are. In addition, you can request the seller to carry out these repairs before you pay anything.

Investing in a new home is an expensive matter and you may be spending money that you have been working hard to earn and saving for a number of years. Why should you risk losing all that by buying a place you are unsure of? Get a building inspection and a timber pest inspection done before making that all important decision of whether you want to go ahead with a purchase or not, because with the recommendations given by the inspectors you will have more information regarding the actual condition of the property, and can make a well-informed decision.


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