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what is affiliate marketing? 
The process of promoting products and services in which accompany pays a commission to a third party is called affiliate marketing. Amazon is the best example for promoting products and services.
When a blogger reviews or discusses a product with an audience and a customer purchases that product then the affiliate receives a share of the profit. The major goal of this is to generate sales and reach as many customers as possible, and it is an effective technique to advertise products and services. It works as an agent and it is passive income you can earn 
There are three parties 
Types of affiliate marketing channels:



An influence is a person who has the greatest possibility of getting people to buy a product. Influence sells products through blogs and social media, and there is a high chance that customers will buy the product. Many brands collaborate with Instagram influence. they provide information and review of the product on their Instagram product. there is a greater probability that the customer will buy it.


The blogger writes articles for a brand and reviews it to drive traffic to the seller's website. for example, the top books to read before you die in that blog include book reviews and links to buy the books. Affiliate commission is based on product sales or pay per lead.


Email lists

When a blogger or influencer sends an email with a product link, and the buyer buys the product, the affiliate receives a commission.


Customers are more likely to buy the goods if a famous YouTuber reviews that product on their channel and a customer buys a product, the affiliate earns a commission.
How do affiliates marketers get paid?
There are three types of paid affiliate
Pay per click
Pay per sale
Pay per lead
Pay per click means when someone clicks on a website/affiliate on the basis that click commission is paid
When a customer purchases a product after visiting the website/affiliate, the commission is given based on the sale.
When someone fills out a form and a commission is given based on the form, it's called pay per lead.


  How does affiliate marketing work?

1. You must first join an affiliate program (Clickbank, Shareasale, or amazon affiliate program)
2. then choose a product to promote
3. then you will receive a unique affiliate link.
4. You share the link on various social media platforms, blogs, YouTube advertisements, Facebook advertisements, and other platforms.
5. when a customer makes a purchase you receive an affiliate commission


these are the steps of how affiliates work?

 how to start an affiliate marketing You must first choose the affiliate product and niche that you want to promote, and then the next steps begin to write a blog for that product or content for that product such as top 5 dresses you should wear for parties, how to lose weight in 90 days, and so on. Drive traffic to your website/affiliate post, collect all of the visitor's email addresses and then send all of these emails to those who visit our website frequently.
You can also create a youtube channel for promoting a product
You can advertise your product on sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram to drive traffic to affiliate products and services


Mistakes to avoid in affiliate marketing?

• some sites are not succeeding while promoting because of all these
• Created a poor quality content-copy someone and key loaded words instead of writing a quality content
• Write content to build relationships rather than direct sales once you recommend they will buy that product
• Choose the product carefully before promoting the product
• If you don’t build the trust then you cannot earn a commission
Affiliate marketing is a form of passive income in which you earn a commission for selling a product or service.


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