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For many Americans (and people around the entire world) morning coffee is a ritual. For others, it is an all-day habit.

Coffee stimulates the senses, helps some of us stay awake and focused, and may have additional health benefits as well.

But for others, coffee becomes an addiction, without which irritability, fatigue, and headaches ensue.

What if there was an effective replacement for coffee that could potentially help you keep alert and focused, without the addictive nature of caffeine. What if there was an alternative that might offer additional benefits?

For some, the answer may lie with adaptogenic coffee – but first, we need to answer a basic question. What are adaptogens?

What Are Adaptogens?
Some define adaptogens as plant-based ingredients that may be responsible for certain positive health effects. In reality, an adaptogen may be either plant-based, such as an herb, or a fungus, such as a mushroom.

Some very popular adaptogens, such as Reishi and Lion’s Mane, are actually mushrooms. In either case, adaptogens are plants or mushrooms that may have certain desirable health effects or characteristics.

Specifically, adaptogens may be effective at helping the body manage or cope with the physical effects of stress.

Adaptogens are often taken as dietary supplements because they may help support cognitive function and enable the body to deal with the effects of stress, especially when paired with other health-minded activities like meditation and exercise.

With that introduction to adaptogens, adaptogenic coffee is an herbal supplement that can replicate the flavor and effects of coffee while potentially delivering health effects of its own.

For instance, Coffee Fix (an adaptogenic coffee replacement available at RawRevelations.com) is a rich, full-boded mix of adaptogens that may help support the stress response, immune function, and even energy production.

Their coffee fix is free of caffeine and is not acidic. It is made with a rich coffee replacement in the form of chicory root, roasted barley, rye, and other botanicals that are rich in flavor and nutrients.

Chicory, for example, contains none of the addictive caffeine or volatile extracts of coffee beans, while still delivering a powerful, almost sweet drink that is nearly free of bitterness.

Their adaptogenic coffee replacement also contains dandelion root, full-spectrum ashwagandha, holy basil, Tribulus, Triphala, licorice root, and Himalayan Shilajit, which together may support the body’s natural stress response, immunological health, energy production, and adrenal health.

Are There Benefits to Taking Adaptogens?
Adaptogens are believed to help the body recover from the effects of both long and short-term stressors. They may also be able to support immune health, naturally boost energy levels, and reduce the felt effects of fatigue.

Some report that adaptogens can help users cope with feelings of anxiety and depression while improving mental clarity.

Specifically, the adaptogens in the Raw Revelations Adaptogenic Coffee, notably ashwagandha and holy basil, may be effective at improving and uplifting the mood, reducing feelings of anxiety, and supporting immune system health by combating the risks of infection.

Where Can I Get Adaptogenic Coffee?
If you’re interested in learning more about the potential benefits of adaptogenic herbs or adaptogenic coffee, please visit the link above or get in touch with Raw Revelations. Visit their website, RawRevelations.com, or contact their customer service team at Hello@RawRevelations.com.

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