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HEB (IPB) beam is a type of steel beam commonly used in building and bridge construction. “European Wide Flange Beams” (HEB) and “I-Profile Beam” (IPB) are both abbreviations for “I-Profile Beams” or “Hidden Profile Beams.” The European standard EN 10025 was followed in the development of these beams. Beams classified as HEB (IPB) feature wide flange profiles with parallel flanges and narrow webs. Excellent multidirectional load bearing capacity is provided by the flanges, which are perpendicular to the web. The beam can withstand bending and shearing forces because of its well-balanced construction. The load requirements, span length, and other engineering considerations will determine the HEB (IPB) beam size to be used. In most cases, the height, width, and weight per unit length are used to describe the dimensions of a HEB (IPB) beam. A structural engineer or the applicable design codes and standards should be consulted before selecting and installing HEB (IPB) beams in a building. The term “European Wide Flange Beam” is used to describe a variety of bar-shaped structural components. Flanges and internal surface are parallel to dimensions and meet EN 10365 standards. European wide flange beam tolerances are specified in EN 10034: 1993 for HEB (IPB) beams. Steel grades for intermediate H-beams. HEB beams are superior to HEA beams because of their greater load capacity and wider, heavier flange. The HEB series is the most widely used variety of European wide flange beams. To reduce the need for fresh materials, stainless steel profiles are typically made from scrap and then recycled again. HEB/IPB DIN 1025-2 is the standard medium weight carrier for laser-welded IPB-profiles made of 304/304L 1.4301/1.4307 and 316/316L 1.4571/1.440. There is a wide range of sizes, designations, shapes, specifications, etc., for these Carbon Steel HEB (IPB) – European Wide Flange Beams. I beams' primary function is to act as braces for other structural elements and to bear the weight of other components. When aesthetics and high corrosion resistance are paramount, or when there will be contact with food in the food industry or chemical reagents, stainless grades are used for machine housings, boilers, heavy-duty components of buildings, halls, boats, ships.

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