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What is Anti Monopoly game?

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This board game may look familiar, but don’t be fooled… this is Anti-Monolopy game, the real-estate trading game for the 21st Century. This is a family favourite with an exciting twist! Players first have to choose Free Enterprise or Monopoly, then play under different rules depending on which option each selects. Competitors charge fair market value while monopolists take over whole neighbourhoods and jack up rents. In real life, monopolists have an unfair advantage but in Anti-Monopoly, competitors have a fair shot at coming out on top! A brilliant family favourite, perfect for games nights is ideal for 2-6 players age 8 years and over.

Anti-Monopoly is similar to Monopoly, but with one major division: at the start, all players are evenly divided into “Competitors” and “Monopolists.” Contenders can expand on any road they own, and fabricate 4 houses prior to building a loft, get a similar lease for transport organizations regardless of the number of they own, and for the most part get less cash at a time, but lose less at a time. Monopolists can construct just in urban communities they have consumed (they own at least 2 roads), can fabricate 3 houses before a loft, and for the most part, get more cash at a time, but they will generally lose more.


Players need to pick whether they need to be a free endeavor or a syndication. In the wake of picking, the players need to adhere to a specific arrangement of rules. Take a stab at playing the two sides to have an alternate twist or variant of the tabletop game Enemy of Restraining infrastructure.

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