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Curtains in Sydney are one of the most popular window treatments among homeowners, and one that brings traditional style to a home. Curtains can be made in a variety of designs, colours, prints, textures and fabrics, and convert a room into any type of style you want, whether you are looking for chic modern, classic elegance or contemporary. The design choices and options are endless. There is even an endless array of accessories which can be used to beautify your home and add some pizzazz to it, perhaps by using bronze curtain rods and rings, or sleek satin or sheer sashes and ties, you can definitely go nuts getting creative with your curtain ideas.

When searching for curtains in Sydney you will see that there are two types you can purchase from suppliers; the made-to-fit kind and custom-made kind. So, which one is better? What are the pros and cons of each type?

Ready-made curtains in Sydney are less expensive than custom designed ones, because they have used a set quantity of fabric and other materials and it is manufactured in bulk to a set size and standard. It is also less of a hassle when choosing, you simply go through the catalogue and select what you like.

The pros of buying ready-made curtains are:

  • Cheaper than custom-made curtains.
  • You can get it faster without waiting for them to be made.

However, the cons of getting ready-made curtains are:

  • You can find them only in certain sizes.
  • You get limited choice in terms of fabrics, accessories and styles.
  • They are not very durable since they are made at low cost.
  • Many won’t have linings or backings.

If you have unusually large windows in your home or even odd shaped ones, then definitely ready-made curtains are not for you. Those windows with uncommon heights and widths will definitely need custom-made window coverings.

The pros of getting custom-made curtains are:

  • The size of the windows won’t matter since you can get them done to the exact size.
  • You will have a wide range of fabrics, colours, textures and prints to select from.
  • You can select whichever heading style you want.
  • You have a choice of either getting the curtains lined or not, depending on your requirement.
  • Custom-made curtains are far more durable and long lasting.
  • You can get a unique looking style done which no one else will have, unlike with ready-made curtains.
  • You get a beautifully tailored finish.

The cons of getting custom-made curtains in Sydney are:

  • They are far more costly than getting ready-made curtains.
  • It takes longer to get them done.

In terms of cost, although the custom-made curtains cost more, they are far more durable than the made-to-fit-variety, and hence more cost effective in the long run. Plus, you can personalise the look of your home with your own style and add some pizzazz to your interior décor with some designer accessories like copper rods and rings, or satin sashes or ties. The choices are endless when it is you who is deciding what you want. Of course, always make sure that what you choose goes with your current interior theme, otherwise you will simply have some odd-looking window treatments that are out of place.

When selecting a vendor, it is best to choose someone who has the experience and extensive know-how on the subject, and who has the expertise to manufacture and install. Most companies will even visit your home and carry out an inspection and the measuring. Getting the windows and doors measured by a professional means there is less room for error, and they will take the responsibility if there is a mistake done, rather than you measuring the windows and giving the supplier wrong dimensions.

Whatever type of curtains you select make sure that it enhances your home in every possible way. The right window treatments add value to a home, and if you are thinking of selling it at any time, it is a great way to enhance its worth. The right décor should create a calming and relaxing ambiance in your home, and make it inviting when family and friends visit.


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