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What is Bill of Sale for Vehicles?

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A bill of sale form for car is a type of legal paper that you need while buying or selling a vehicle in any US state. This is a document having important data about all the vital factors outlining the records of your car. For example, the demographic details of the buyer and seller, information about the vehicle, date of sale, valuation and price of the vehicle etc come under this category. Keep in mind that such a document is not an official paper for ownership transfer. This is only a record of transaction between a seller and purchaser or both parties concerned.

What Makes a Bill of Sale So Important?

It is legally binding in nature, and records the transaction occurring between two parties. This is an important piece of paper for the buyer, and justifies the transaction. For sellers, it is a record of the date of sale of the vehicle. It also contains data related to a specific buyer. From this document, it is possible to get specific details related to the history of the vehicle.

However, you have to note that ownership is not proved by this document. It is just a title transfer that can seal the ownership. You can get a free bill of sale for car from any website that sells bill of sale PDF template.

What are the Components of a Full Bill of Sale?

A Bill of Sale for car Arizona needs to have all the important details, such as:

  • Name of buyer
  • Notarized signature of buyer
  • Name of seller
  • Notarized signature of seller
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Vehicle description
  • The final sale price
  • Warranty information
  • Place or location of sale / purchase of the vehicle

Vehicles that are bought at cash for car deals and public auctions need to have a Bill of Sale mandatorily printed on the letterhead of a public agency. This is also the case for bill of sales for used car. Whether it comes to new cars or used cars, a Bill of Sale AZ form is important.

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