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What is Catalog’s UV process?

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As a must-see field in the catalogue printing market, album printing has shown a good development prospect for many years. It can not only use as an art display but also can use as a means of corporate publicity. Compared with a single pattern or text, the perfect combination of these two elements has an incomparable advantage.

We often hear about the catalog's cover needing to do partial UV. So, what is the UV procedure? In fact, UV means ultraviolet. In the printing industry, this is a special ink treatment procedure. It is also referred to as the UV glazing process. The catalog cover has undergone partial UV treatment. Will clarify the parts to highlight. Such as the logo. After a partial UV treatment. The logo part will have a swelling sensation and a special brightness after the polish. The text and images after UV processing are more textured. More three-dimensional, and more artistic, giving the final touch.

Depending on the UV zone, it is divide into full-screen UV and partial UV. The UV effect of the entire page is usually not very evident. It is like the super polish on the surface, but it is lighter than the super polish. It does not protect the surface from the printed material. Some protection, like the prevention of streaks. The smell on the nose, the smell is quite unpleasant, there is a smell of plastic dough.

There are also many kinds of UV inks. These inks tend to have an unusual shine and texture. They have mirror ink, frosted ink, foam ink, wrinkle ink, and hammer ink. As well as color sand ink, snow ink, ice ink, pearl ink, crystal ink, laser ink and so on. The most common is spectacular UV.

The equipment used in UV calls a UV light curing machine. And the principle is to cure UV ink by ultraviolet light irradiation. We can apply partial UV either after lamination or on the printed matter. But to highlight the effect of local UV. They carry it out after the lamination of the printed matter, and it is sub-filmed. It accounts for about 80% of local UV products. The printed matter after UV is difficult to recycle.

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