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Chandi Homam is dedicated to Goddess Chandi, a form of Goddess Durga. In order to protect the gods and humans and restore order to the world, she defeated many evil demons. ‘Chandi' in Sanskrit means ‘one who rips off thoughts'. It feeds the ego and tears apart the thoughts that keep us off the right path.

Goddess chandi Devil's Destroyer

Goddess Chandi has many names such as Kachayani, Kaushiki, Astada Sabja Her Mahalakshmi, Mahishasura Mardini, Chandika, Durga and Ambika. Markandeya Her prana has a section describing her attributes in 700 slokas. The Markandeya Purana, including Devi Bhagavata and the famous Saptashati, form the basis of Chandi worship. They describe their exploits in detail. She fought and killed many demons including Madhu and Kaitabha, Chanda and Munda, Dumlalochana, Raktavija, Shumbha and Nishumbha, Mahishasura and others. 

These stories are told in her 13 chapters in the 700 stanzas. Each stanza is also a mantra in itself. The Navakshali mantra with 9 letters or Akshara is associated with the Goddess. This is one of the most important mantras in Shakti worship. Chandi is believed to live at Mahakal near Kailasa, Shiva's residence.

Supreme Goddess Durga is called Chandi in Devi Her Mahatmyam. Violent and impulsive, she is the wild form of Shakti and represents the power of women. This nickname is only mentioned in Markandeya Purana. One reason for this is that the early Purana texts Ramayana and Mahabharata were written in Sanskrit. Chandi as a goddess belongs more to the South Indian and Bengali religious traditions. Both places have strong roots in the worship of Shakta, the Mother Goddess. In the South, she is Candi Her Chamundi, a rural god. Tantric Sadhana spread during the time of Markandeya Purana and Chandi became a common name.

What is Chandi Homam 

Chandi Homam is a very powerful Homum. You can ensure success in all your endeavours by removing all obstacles in your life and removing the doshas of your horoscope. Helps you win over enemies and trials. Durga in all its forms is worshipped during Chandi Homam and Pooja. Candi Homam summons the combined energies of the three Goddesses – Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati – who are fused in Chandi. Since ancient times, people have performed this Homam to ward off opposing forces and awaken positive energies. Maha is his Homam, chanting a special mantra.

When should I do Chandi Homam?

The best time to perform benefits of Chandi Homam is during the Navratri Festival. Ashtami, Navami, Chaturdashi, Maga, Amavasya, Jeshta Amavasha, Chaitra, Kartika and Purnima are the best days.

Puja should be done during the day and should be finished before sunset. Kumari Puja and Suvasini Puja are part of this ritual.

Chandi Hommam at home

  • Install the Goddess Candi statue along with the Ganesha statue.

  • First make Ganapati Puja. Then invoke Goddess Chandi by chanting the Chandi mantra.

  • Perform Kalash Stapana.

  • Fire Homakunda with camphor, dry coconut, dry grass, etc.

  • I love older married women, old couples and singles.

  • Chant Durga Saptasati (The Way of Chandi). We offer Arati.

Who plays Chandi Hommam?

Those who need liberation from the doshas are included in their horoscope. A person suffering from a planetary disease in their horoscope.

Victim of evil spells, curses, black magic, witchcraft and other negative energies. A person who fears death.

Benefits of Chandi Homam

  • By performing Chandi Homa, the suffering caused by hostile elements is eradicated. Sufferings caused by poison, sorcery, thieves, etc. are eliminated by performing this Dhamma.

  • Candi Homam is performed to induce better health, wealth, longevity, nutrition, wealth, offspring, prestige, success, strength, etc.

  • It helps to get rid of fear, suffering, danger, defeat at the hands of the enemy, etc.

  • By performing Homa five times, the evil influence of the planet is eliminated.

  • If you perform this goma seven times, all fear will disappear,

  • Accomplish 11 times to trigger Royal Influence

  • Gives offspring 16 times. Chandi Homam helps overcome obstacles and barriers in life.

  • Help you succeed and defeat the enemy.

  • Celebrate life with positivity and happiness.



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