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Medical professionals describe the pain which does remain for a long tenure. It can last from weeks to years. If pain remains present for longer than 12 weeks despite taking medications for the same. below are some examples of chronic pain: –

  • Neurogenic pain 

  • Psychogenic pain 

  • Lower back pain 

  • Cancer pain 

  • Arthritis pain 

Though chronic pain doesn't come under the category of chronic pain but qualifies to close disability benefits, some medical professionals say it may reduce the person's life expectancy. Moreover, the effect of chronic pain decreases mobility, has low immunity. 

In addition to it, there is a decrease in concentration, anorexia, and sleep quality decrease. The reasons for developing chronic pain can be numerous. According to medical professionals, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia are the main reasons. 

However, other reasons include cancer, multiple sclerosis, stomach cancers, AIDS, and gallbladder disease. In rare cases, it may happen without any apparent reasons too. But in most cases, it generally starts after an injury or any health complication.


Could chronic pain make your life a lot more complicated and imperfect?

 It can last for years with the least hope of getting a cure for it. When a person tends to live with chronic pain, every day seems like an adventure. The everyday activity of the person becomes quite challenging to execute. 

Though the pain would remain the whole day but may occur at a recurring time, it does vary from person to person. Hence, it adds to the anxiety and frustration level of the person. 

Discuss the symptoms of having chronic pain 

The health ailment of chronic pain is self-diagnosable. It shows many visible symptoms, which are as follows: –

The depressive mood of the person 

Quality of life gets decreased.

Poor sleep routine 

I was feeling agitated and irritable all the time.  

Chronic and severe pain or, in other words living with persistent discomfort affects the person's life in a significant manner. It does a tremendous effect on the emotional quotient of a person. It naturally leads to depression, anxiety, and fear. 

Mood disorders become quite prevalent in life. Hence, taking medical help is quite necessary. 

Do self-treat severe, chronic pain?

A person can't certainly cure chronic pain germanely but can control the situation. Most people believe that making an appropriate change in diet might help. Intake of food that contains anti-inflammatory agents help to ease the pain.

Even medical professionals emphasize weight loss too. They believe that shedding some weight might control a few symptoms and effects of chronic pain. 

Can medications be used in treating chronic, severe pain?

  • Indeed, medications do help in subsidizing chronic pain. 

  • Doctors prescribe Tramadol pills for getting a permanent solution to chronic pain.

  •  This medication acts as a narcotic like pain-relieving oral medicine. 

  • This effectively treats moderate to severe kinds of pain in adults. 

  • Tramadol has been widely prescribed as an unscheduled opioid in the USA for the treatment of chronic pain.

  •  It has produced many satisfactory results for the patient in taking it. 

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