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CNC technology has been in the metal forming industry for years. It is known to offer advanced precision and repeatability of the machines that the manual process cannot achieve. There are a lot of CNC technologies in the market today, and distinguishing them and what they do can be difficult. You will learn more about CNC turning cutting and its contributions to the metal forming industry.

What is CNC Turning?

 It is also known as subtraction machining. It is a process where the cutting tool is put against a spinning piece to cut the material off. This process is usually performed by a CNC Lathe or a turning center. It can cut the material placed against it, including wood, plastic, and metal.

What is the Process of CNC Turning?

As a chuck of bar rotates, a cutting tool is fed to the piece, and it works as the material that cuts away to give the desired shape. Unlike other cutting styles where the cutting tool is the one that rotates and spins, with CNC turning, it is the workpiece that rotates during the process. This process is common in making cylindrical workpieces. However, it can still get other shapes like square and hexagonal shapes.

Benefits of CNC Turning

CNC turning is known for its fast and high production volumes. If you are looking to create repeated parts that are cylindrical, it is the best CNC technique to use.

It can also produce high-quality parts with an excellent smooth finish.

CNC turning can perform other operations like boring, taper turning, drilling, and reaming.

What is CNC Cutting?

It is commonly known as CNC machining. It is a manufacturing process that utilizes computerized controls and tools to remove layers of unwanted material from a chuck piece. This process works best with many materials, including glass, plastic, foam, composite, wood, and metal. Please note that CNC machining and CNC machines vary in definition. One is a process, and the other one is a machine. CNC cutting requires precision and accuracy like diamond turningwhich uses high precision with air bearing lathes and ultra-sharp natural diamond cutting tools.

What is CNC Machining Process?

CNC machining uses computerized controls to manipulate and control machines and other cutting tools to shape a chuck bar. The CNC machining process delivers various operations and capabilities. But, the fundamental principle of the process remains the same throughout. Some of the CNC machining processes include:

  • Executing the cutting operation
  • Designing the CAD model
  • Preparing the CNC machine
  • Converting the CAD file to a CNC program

CNC Machining Operations

CNC machining can be used in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, aerospace, automotive, and construction. Also, it can produce different types of products. The process of this operation involves several other computer-controlled machines. These machines remove the unwanted material from the workpiece giving a defined product. Some of the CNC machining operations include: 

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Milling

CNC machining is crucial in acquiring definite shapes and mass production of certain materials. There are also other CNC machining operations that manufacturers can consider when deciding which CNC machining is the best.

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