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Growth hormone therapy is one of the most common treatments for growth hormone deficiency in adults and children. Under this therapy, growth hormone injections are injected into the body. A family or patient can inject growth hormones for a child having growth hormone deficiency.

Many people opt for human GH therapy abroad as the hormone naturally produced in the pituitary gland can improve cell reproduction and growth in the body. In this guide, you will learn important things about human GH therapy and why people need it. 

Is Growth Hormone Therapy Considered Safe?

Though growth hormone injections are considered effective and safe, some people might experience side effects. The rare side effects can be joint and muscle pains, numbness, and swelling. People may experience these side effects if they take more growth hormones than what is prescribed. 

You can talk with doctors or health tourism companies initiating the treatment if you are experiencing these symptoms. They can adjust the number of growth hormones that you are taking. The symptoms will no longer be visible after the doses are adjusted. People who have cancer and tumors should not opt for human growth hormone therapy. 

Why Do Some Adults Need HGH therapy? 

Adults who have growth hormone deficiency are required to be prescribed synthetic HGH by healthcare providers and medical experts. A tumor usually causes this type of deficiency in the pituitary gland or radiotherapy. For people having a growth hormone deficiency, undergoing HGH therapy can provide the following results:

  • Enhanced exercising capacity 
  • Improved bone density 
  • Improved muscle mass 
  • Less body fat 

HGH therapy is also recommended for adults with AIDS or HIV-related growth deficiency, leading to improper body fat distribution. 

How Does the HGH Treatment Affect Healthy Older adults?

As per various studies, the adults undergoing HGH treatment are less in number. However, the human growth hormone can increase muscle mass and less fat in the body. The increase in the muscle does not indicate increased strength. But there are other benefits that are provided by this therapy to older adults. 

Does HGH Come in the Form of a Pill? 

You can talk with the top health tourism companies to know more about this. HGH treatment is a treatment that is approved in the United States to treat growth hormone deficiency. HGH can benefit the human body more if taken in the form of an injection. There is no HGH available in the form of pills.

But some dietary supplements can improve the levels of HGH that come in the form of a pill but do not provide much benefit. As per the Food and Drug Administration, HGH is a controlled substance. If you take HGH for building muscle mass or as an anti-aging treatment, you are doing something illegal.   

Contact American Medical Care 

You must talk to a reputed medical tourism facilitator to opt for human GH therapy abroad. Contact American Medical Care; they are a reputable medical tourism company in the United States and provide their clients with the best healthcare and travel services. They also do all the legal work on behalf of their clients. 



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