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Co-working has been one of the buzzing topics around the world and people are making the most of it for business growth. But you know what, most of the people are still not sure about what exactly the Shared Office means and how to figure out the most suitable space for their business. 

What is Co-working Space ?

Co-Working Spaces are generally shared Workspaces. Co-working spaces includes the suites of all office like amenities including hot-desks, private meeting rooms, kitchens, coffee and more. You can always feel the professional and working environment of an office at shared working spaces.

According to Wikipedia, Co-working is an arrangement in which workers of different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services. Globally, the culture of shared working space has gained value and small to medium sized business and startup are resorting to shared working spaces rather than going for a full fledged self managed office space.

Therefore, in particular, this idea refers to the idea of a method of working in which freelancers, small-scale business owners or the members of an organization, etc., that have different jobs, have a common workspace and can cooperate under situations Communicating with each other.

The ability to rent out only the space, services and amenities you are using has made the shared office culture a success. You have the upper hand to choose the kind of membership, weekly, monthly or yearly. Isn’t this the future of work space? What do you think?

Co-working space cost  VS Traditional Office Space Cost

Virtual offices are perfect for those looking to run their business successfully from their home while still maintaining a professional image for a reasonable cost.

Enhance your client base and grow your business by using professional virtual offices in Co-working Space and without the costs associated with an all-day office.

The major advantage of a co-working space is that we get the replica of the working environment and the work feel of a traditional business office.

But what about the price? 

Cost is what has made the co-working space the boss over traditional office especially for small and medium sized startups.

Imagine if you are a startup, trying to make your startup a brand. What you would choose, a space on rent for or managing a office space that would cost you around

The cost mainly includes the capitol and the energy that you put in to maintain the place, upgrade, pay the bills etc.

The time and energy also adds up to the costs.

When we talk about shared spaces or co-working spaces, they seems to be cost efficient both in terms of the capitol and the efforts you put in to maintain the space.

Both co-working space and traditional office space has pros and cons and it ultimately depends upon the business representative to choose the space that suits his or her business the most.

Co-working space is buzzing, but can't offer the privacy, the quite working environment that a office space has to offer.

What Types of Co-working Spaces are Available?

If you're a major company or a smaller one, a start-up or a seasoned business, there's one common thread that will appeal to everyone: flexibility. With the customizable design, flexible terms and countless facilities that are appealing, there are co-working spaces to meet every need and event. The issue is, of course, finding the best type of co-working space that fits your needs and objectives best.

For a better understanding of the options on offer, We'll take a look at the types of co-working office spaces/amenities which is common in all company that are providing workspaces. With so many choices available, the process of categorizing space that is flexible isn't an easy task. For our purposes, we'll break down co-working spaces into 6 different types of spaces:

1. Virtual Office

In this the companies will provide you with a virtual office that is a part of the flexible workspace market, which provides businesses with any combination of space, services or technology, with no companies having to pay the capital costs of leasing or purchasing an office space that is traditional.

2. Hot Desk

Hot Desking refers to an organized workspace system where desks are used by different individuals at different times on a sporadic basis. The goal is usually to optimize space efficiency and reduce the risk of real estate by reducing the amount of office space that is redundant. Hot Desking often works great where all the employees are not working on the same time or they have fixed schedules for the employees. Companies like GoWorkSpace, even provide you free amenities like free internet, parking, CCTV Security, Access to kitchen and many more. GoWorkSpace is becoming the top most priority for hot desking in Sheffield.

3. Permanent Work Space

In this the companies will provide you with a Permanent workplace which refers to an establishment where the employee is regularly present to fulfil the duties assigned to him, and that does not function as a temporary office. With a permanent workspace you can book one of our desks for your chosen period of time and until your contract is up that workspace will be exclusively assigned to you.

4. Private Office

Private office has also been becoming popular amongst startups and  SEM's where a business can rent a full fledged office space on hour or day basis. This type of co-working space can prove to be a game changer for small sized business providing them the corporate office amenities without , but without having to purchase or service the equipment's. If you need Less Overheads, Avoid Investment setting up a corporate office, rent as you go, flexibility, then this is a must go for your business.

5.Private Meeting Room

Private Meeting Rooms are the meeting rooms that are reserved for the party that has booked the space. They have full flexibility to use the Private Meeting Rooms for the meeting anytime during the availability timings. No other party have the access to the same. Beside the space, you even get the things that you may to carry out a successful client or team meeting. These private rooms can also be used as Team Training Rooms, Group Discussion, Meeting Clients, Team Collaboration and much more.

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