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If you are a beer lover from way back when, then no doubt all this time you would have been ‘enjoying’ regular beer that is mass-produced by large breweries. If this is the type of beer you have been drinking over the years, then you should definitely try the new trend in beer, Craft Beer, which is quickly becoming a very popular beverage among beer drinkers all over the world.

So, what is this Craft beer?

The exact definition of Craft Beer in London and a Craft Beer brewery is a bit murky, to say the least. However, the agreed classification of these brewers is that they should be small scale independent breweries with a limited output per year. The stress on independent brewery being that they should not be a part of any large beer producing corporation.

Craft Beer in London is usually produced by family-owned breweries, with the operations being handled by a close-knit team of family members, or a husband-and-wife duo. The difference is that these brewers have a passion for their product and beer in general, and they place emphasis and importance on brewing a quality product rather than the quantity. They pay very little attention to the profits they make, and more towards the brewing operation and ingredients, which is why they produce a limited quantity of their product.

Craft Beer is more commonly known as an artisan beer, because creating it is an art form, and the creators are passionate both about their product and beer itself. These brewers have their own recipes, which they have created and improved on over the years, and they use very innovative yet traditional methods of brewing. The ingredients used for Craft Beer is usually sourced locally, from local farmers, and the brewers also give back to the community by providing business opportunities as well as employment opportunities for the local community.

Certain Craft beer breweries have been bought over by large beer corporations, although they still create their quality beers to their specific recipes and to the same standard as before, but in definition those produced by such breweries are not Craft Beer, because as I said before to be a Craft beer brewery it needs to be independent and not part of a large corporation. There are also certain mass-produced beers which are being termed as ‘Craft Beer’ in the market, but in reality, they are nothing more than a regular beer, with limited flavour and appeal. These are simply efforts at gaining a share of the market that Craft Beer seems to have, and nothing more.

So, why has Craft Beer become so popular among the public, and seems to be rising in popularity? Here’s why.

  • Craft Beer is extremely flavourful and aromatic, and has a rich appearance.
  • There are a wide range of flavours and types, to suit each and every beer drinkers’ individual taste.
  • It is a very high-quality product, made using only the best and freshest ingredients.
  • Brewers use traditional methods with innovative twists to create Craft Beer.
  • You get more kick out of a Craft Beer, for the same amount of money spent.
  • Craft Beer breweries adopt sustainable eco-friendly practices in their brewing process.
  • Craft Beer gives back to the local community.
  • It is ideal for pairing with your favourite food.
  • It makes for a great conversation topic.

For those people who have tried Craft beer, there will not be any other beer for them. That is how good it is! When I’m in the mood to relax and unwind with a beer, I always look for a Craft Beer near me, and there are no two words about that.

With the limited production of Craft Beer sometimes finding it in your local pub or store may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that most places don’t serve it. With the increase in demand for Craft Beer more and more pubs and local stores are carrying the product, especially those produced by local brewers. There are also a few ecommerce sites that are dedicated specifically to selling Craft Beer, and ordering through these is both easy and convenient. All you need to do is search online for ‘Craft Beer near me’ on your smart device, place your order and the beer will be delivered right to you. After that all there is to do is sit down, put your feet up and enjoy your Craft Beer.


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