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What Is Cryptocurrency Matching Engine And How Does It Works?

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Cryptocurrency Matching Engine :

The Cryptocurrency Matching engine is most important in cryptocurrency exchange because it keeps track of all user orders. A cryptocurrency matching engine is one of the parts of cryptocurrency exchange which is used for automatic matching of  buy orders and sell orders. So, this is known as the heartbeat of a cryptocurrency exchange. All Orders depend on the matching engine, so the transaction process is immediately performed and this also help Traders/ investors to cancel a transaction in some circumstances. An order engine supports executing market orders, limit orders, stop limit orders, etc.

How Does Matching Engine Work?

A Cryptocurrency Matching Engine works based on many algorithms. The algorithm helps to store all order information, When two orders ( Buy and sell ) coincide, a transaction is executed. Users may use the algorithms to generate market orders, limit orders, and stop-limit orders.

The matching engines may use different types of algorithms, but mostly used are maker-trader and FIFO Concepts.  This Concept is determined in order of priority and execution time.  If two orders have the same value but different timings, these engines choose the one with an earlier entry time.  

The matching engine is a complex piece of software, that gather and sync data from several trading pairs at the same time. So the developers are in-charge of creating a robust matching engine capable of processing orders.

I hope the above article is very useful and helps you get some knowledge about crypto matching engine. If you want to include a matching engine for your cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can contact some, cryptocurrency exchange development company, that provides cryptocurrency matching engine software this is one of the ways of integrating cryptocurrency matching engines.

Another way is, you can purchase a cryptocurrency exchange script which includes Cryptocurrency Matching Engine as default. This is the best way of choosing, a cryptocurrency matching engine. The reason is, that this is a low investment compared to the above way. I know now, you can raise the question of where I can purchase the cryptocurrency exchange script with the matching engine?.

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