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What Is Engraving Tool for Cricut And How To Use It?

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The engraving tool, commonly known as the engraving tip, is used to make unique designs with the Cricut maker machine. You can engrave many different materials and things using this Engraving Tool for Cricut. You can make an impression that lasts and gives a stylish and personal touch to various items. So, if you need to learn about this tool or how to use it, here is a guide for you. This post has covered everything that can help you take your designs to the next level.

What is an Engraving Tool/Tip for Cricut?

It is a tool that allows you to engrave with your Cricut maker machine effortlessly. The tool comes with a sharp metal point designed promptly to use pressures to inscribe text and images. It can be used in engraving soft metals, acrylic, leather, paper, plastic, and various other types of materials.

Materials on Which Engraving Tool Engraves

This tool can't engrave deeply. While the limit on the machine is 2.4 mm thick, you can grave 3mm acrylic with it. Anything under 3mm can be graved easily via this tool. Cricut machine claims that you can engrave even thick paper or thin wood with this tool too. Some of the types of material on which engraving tool work are:

  • Leather – it can be real or faux.
  • Acetate sheets
  • Soft metals like aluminium, copper, brass, and stainless steel.
  • The tool works perfectly fine on acrylic sheets under 3mm thick.

How to Use Engraving Tool for Cricut

Below I am going to show you how you can use this amazing engraving tool to engrave an acrylic keychain. Procedures are so easy that you can start by following these steps.


Materials Required

  • Cricut Maker Machine
  • Engraving Tool
  • Cricut Mat
  • Acrylic Engraving Blank (1/8“ thick acrylic engraving blank)
  • Keychain Findings
  • Lint Roller
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Faux leather tassels
  • Painter's tape is optional

Steps to Engrave an Acrylic Keychain via Cricut Engraving Tool

  • Open up a new canvas in the Cricut design space and upload your favorite image.
  • Select the image and then change the linotype (from cut lines to engrave lines).
  • Now, size your design to fit your material suitably. Click on the “Make It” button.
  • On the next screen, click to edit the mat and make sure to move the image to the mat's Center.
  • Place the engraving tool into the “B” carrier of the maker and move the white start wheel until you reach the extreme right of the roller bar.
  • In the next step, peel the protective paper coating off from one side of the acrylic blank and place the blank paper side down in the mat's Center. You can use painter's tape to secure it.
  • Go to materials settings in Design space and being engraving. 
  • Make sure to remove the excess acrylic dust and debris using a lint roller.
  • Use a pair of jewelry pliers, jump rings, and other hardware related to the keychain to change the engraved blank into a keychain.
  • Finally, make use of pliers to attach the keychain hardware.

Final Verdict

Hope the above-detailed guide on what is Engraving Tool for Cricut is and how to use it proved worthy for you. Though we have discussed how to make keychains, there are tons of projects that you can engrave with this easy-to-use tool. Find below some of the most asked (common) questions we come across about this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Engraving Tip to Engrave Glass?

No, you can't use an engraving tool to engrave Glass. If you need, try using your Cricut machine to create a stencil and etch the Glass.

Is It Necessary to Use My Computer with the Engraving Tool?

No, it is not necessary. The engraving tool of Cricut will work with the iOS and Android versions of the Cricut Design Space app. You can engrave it from your phone or tablet instead.

How Can I Change an Engraving Tool?

Changing engraving tips is as easy and quick as pushing a button. Once your Cricut makers prompt you to insert Wavy Blade, push and hold the button at the top of the housing to snap on the desired tip. At last, release the button and insert the engraving tool into Clamp B. Once done, you're ready to cut.

What Material Can I Use when working with the Engraving Tool?

It is recommended to use the appropriate mat for your material.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Project When Using an Engraving tool?

The time taken always depends on the intricacy and size of the design you're going to engrave. Though material settings for engraving don't contain multiple passes, the time can extend if the design is intricate.

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