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What is Forum Posting in SEO? Blackhatworld

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What is Forum Posting in SEO? Blackhatworld

Participating in online discussions at several forums on a specific subject is known as forum posting. The goal of including your link in the forum signature is to increase traffic to your website.

A website designed for online discussions is referred to as a forum. People come here to share expertise on a shared subject, ask questions, and get their questions answered. If it's a pet forum, users might talk about pet diets, care, routines, and other advice for pet owners.

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What is Forum Posting in SEO?

A forum is a place for online conversation where you may publish information or a link to your website and draw visitors. Here, you must either ask questions of your own or respond to previous forum postings. You get to add a link to your signature when you respond to a forum thread. To be specific, a signature is a space where you can write a brief introduction and provide a link to your blog or website at the bottom of each comment you publish.

We'll discuss forum posting in this article and why it's important for SEO. Then, we'll discuss the different kinds of posts you may make in forums and how to do it correctly.

Similar to article submission websites, forum posting has a different format.

Today's top forums to post on include Stack Overflow and Reddit (forum for developers)

In addition to these, there are forums for numerous product manufacturers where customers can discuss problems and pose inquiries. You can sign up for their forum, for instance, if you purchase hosting from Digital Ocean. A Google product forum is available for customers in a similar way.

Forum Posting Instructions

Here are some instructing which you should follow before posting anything on a forum:

  1. Do not put the URL of your website on the forum and expect visitors. Even if you have the best content, using a link rather than your URL will prevent you from being ranked for that term.
  2. Try to include useful information in your response to benefit the readers. People can read your responses if they wish to learn more about anything. That will also be beneficial.
  3. Always respond to a post with as much detail as you can. Avoid writing a response that reads like an advertisement.
  4. Try to provide thoughtful responses. Any visitor who has a question can get all the information they require here. Good responses always draw people in and give them the confidence to conduct additional investigation. Don't publish insulting or personal remarks about others. You will be kicked off the forum if you do that.
  5. Your “display name,” “about me,” and website all serve as sound signatures that help to define your identity. People will be able to believe what they read in your writings because it will be clear that you are serious about what you're doing there.
  6. What should your goal be if you want to achieve a high rank in the SERPs for the search keyword you're targeting? What does the searcher hope to find? Keeping your forum discussions on topic will make it easier for people to grasp what you have to offer. It can be challenging for Google to assess how relevant your postings are if you consistently stay away from certain topics.
  7. Don't actively advertise your goods or services when responding to posts on a forum. Don't advertise your own company.
  8. Ensure that the information in your forum postings is original and of high quality so that Google can understand what you're doing there.
  9. On the forum, avoid posting hate speech and using vulgar language. On the forum, hate speech and vulgar language are not permitted.
  10. Unless absolutely required, refrain from overusing smilies in your comments to postings (Because that looks stupid).

What Are The Advantages of Forum Posting in SEO?

There are lots of advantages you can get from forum posting, which include:

  1. The most important and noticeable advantage of posting to forums is traffic creation. Discussions about topics that interest you or someone else are ongoing in these forums at all times.
  2. After consistently participating in a forum posting, you will receive a wide range of high-quality backlinks and achieve a good ranking in the search engines.
  3. The finest aspect of forum posting is that it allows you to learn a lot about the subject you are discussing.
  4. Posting on forums will help you write better.
  5. Participating in forums can help you better understand the demands and issues of a particular niche. Then, you can attempt to address those problems and meet the demands with your own product.

Why Is Forum Posting Important In SEO?

First, you may gain a tonne of different backlinks for your website and also drive traffic to it, which is why forum posting is important for SEO. If a topic isn't generating much traction in the search engines, focusing your forum postings on it will increase traffic.

Posting on forums is one of the off-page SEO strategies because it enables you to obtain relevant backlinks from reputable forums. This is crucial for raising the authority of your website and the amount of visits to it.

Is Forum Posting Relevant For SEO in 2021-22?

As Google continues to develop, it will eventually be able to distinguish between excellent backlinks and spam backlinks. Therefore, I would advise against participating in forum posting if your only motivation is to obtain a backlink. If you wish to post on forums, make an effort to help others out by being sincere in your responses. You will be rewarded with high-quality traffic if you learn and share your knowledge in a community. So long as it is used in conjunction with other off-page strategies, it is still relevant for SEO.

I abhor the practice of responding to forum posts solely to obtain backlinks. It is pointless, unethical, and uninteresting. As a result, whenever you can, attempt to contribute to a community or forum.


A wonderful technique to promote yourself and use SEO is through forum posting. The internet is filled with a tonne of forums. All you need to do is choose which ones are most crucial to your company. Starting a forum post is quite simple, and it doesn't take much time either. Start now to start enjoying the benefits.



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