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What is Green Tea ?

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Ever seen a person drinking hot beverage without milk and enjoying its savor? What was that? a tea taster and a tea lover generally knows what it is. But do you know what it is? It's green tea. Ok! But what is green tea? Isn't it the question striking in your mind?

Introduction to Green Tea

The story of tea begins in china according to legend in 2737 BC The Chinese emperor Shenung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the water. Shenung, a renowned herbalist decided to try the infusion that his servant had accidentally created .

Green tea is known for its elegance in transforming  to different forms. Green tea generally doesn't undergo withering and oxidation processes. Its origin is China and made it the top exporter of green tea in the world. After China, India is the second lead in exporting green tea.

Where does the green tea came from ?

Green tea is the leaves from a plant named Camellia sinensis. A breed from China loves to grow in the Himalayan foothills at a great altitude. For green tea, not only leaves are plucked but also buds and are made sure not to undergo processes like withering and oxidation.

 Green tea is available in various categories. Green teas are categorized based on ingredients which are added to it while brewing. There are fruit green teas, in which fruits are used as titbits for taste. And there are herbal green teas, which add herbs and spices in the steeping process. These are added just to make it better.

Is Green Tea Good for Health?

Green tea is an elixir for life as it connects ourselves with a cup to our health. It showers its drinker with lots and lots of health benefits. The health benefits of green tea are innumerable.

Green tea is all about drinking healthy water as a hot beverage. As green tea is rich in antioxidants, flavanols, phytochemicals and polyphenols. They are the biggest combo offered to our health by a cup of green tea.

 Green tea regulates bodily functioning systems and also might help in doing repairs for some organs of the body. Indirectly, green helps in functioning and regulating the processes in the body to keep us warmer and healthier. It might help in cardiovascular issues, cancer, inflammation, mental disorders, and weight loss, etc.,

Conclusively, Green tea is more than what we can say in words. It's like superb beverage for a healthy lifestyle. 

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