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Honeycomb activated carbon is made of high-quality coal activated carbon as raw material, then pressed into a honeycomb mold and then activated and fired at high temperature. activated charcoal wholesale australia Honeycomb activated carbon has the characteristics of large specific surface area, small through-hole resistance, developed micropores, high adsorption capacity and long service life. It is widely used in air pollution control.

The honeycomb activated carbon has high strength, water resistance, strong acid resistance, and strong alkali characteristics after water resistance treatment and secondary firing. It can be widely used in wastewater treatment, organic solvent recovery and adsorption, and various catalyst carriers.

Water purification charcoal is a kind of activated carbon used to purify water. It mainly includes columnar activated carbon, coal-based granular activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, and nutshell activated carbon. As long as the activated carbon is suitable for drinking water treatment, it can be included in the category of water purification activated carbon.

Water purification activated carbon is generally used for water purification, removing peculiar odors and odors, removing heavy metals and bacterial colonies in water, and improving water quality. yrd carbon It is an ideal material for tap water, purified water, and high-purity water treatment. It can also be used for deep purification of sewage. Water purification charcoal uses activated carbon adsorption to purify water, which uses its porous solid surface to adsorb and remove organic or toxic substances in the water to purify the water.


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