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What is included in new home inspection in Werribee?

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new home inspection in Werribee is a must when building the house in the suburb

Building your own home or buying the plan gives you the flexibility to customize the element as per your choice.  Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong during the construction of the house, leading to the gap between the expectations of the owner and the delivered product.  A new home inspection is the best tool to avoid such a situation. The inspection ensures that the builder remains honest and sticks to the agreed specifications.

A qualified and experienced building consultant knows everything about home building inspections and quality assessments.  The inspector is familiar with the Australian Standards, Building Codes of Australia, and Building malpractices. This ensures that you do not face issues in your new home after few years.

A new home inspection is carried out in 4 separate inspections and is typically conducted right through all major stages.

1.            Pre Pour Stage

This inspection is carried out just before the pouring of the concrete for the slap. The inspection checks for the steel reinforcement dimensions, placement, and installation.  It also checks the termite protection barrier installation. Other things that are checked in this stage are vapor barrier rips, tears, boxing, and step down.  The inspection is important as any error in the floor slab can lead to a disastrous outcome that comes to the light after few years.

2.            Frame Inspection

The frame inspection is carried out after the completion and installation of the frame. Some of the items checked during this inspection are exposed steel in the concrete slab, blowout along the edges, the finish of the concrete. Floor levels of each story are checked with due diligence. Other items checked in this stage are constructed walls frames, roof truss, roof bracing, and compliance with engineering design.

3.            Lockup Inspection

The lockup inspection is conducted just prior to the plastering of the walls and ceilings. By this time, plumber, electrician, heating, cooling, and other trade persons are have finished with the installation of pipes and cables. Also, the carpenter has finished installing the external doors, fitting the shower, and straightening the walls.  Any changes in the basic design to the structure of the house are detected in the stage. It is common for tradespersons and builders to remove bracing or framing to allow the installation of fixtures.

4.            Handover Inspection

The last and final inspection of the new build home is known as the handover inspection. The final inspection is important as any minor defects are mentioned in the report and must be fixed before the final handover payment.  According to the Australian Domestic Building Contract Act, all the work must be completed before the demand of the complete payment.

This inspection includes the inspection of plumbing fit-out, electrical fit-out, blinds, carpet, external paintwork, letterbox, drainage, internal paintwork, insulation, bathroom fittings, and kitchen fittings.

The quality of the inspection depends upon the quality of the building inspector. Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization that helps the new home builder with free quotes from the local quality inspectors.  Click new home inspection in Werribee for free quotes.


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