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What Is Mental Health First Aid Instructor Course?

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As you are interested in the concept of mental health first aid instructor course, you should first know what does mental first aid course is all about.


What is Mental Health First Aid Course?


Mental Health First Aid course shortly called MHFA is the course that teaches the trainees on how to provide the first help to another person, who is developing a mental health issue. Also, the person taking this course can help people experiencing mental health crises and those suffering from an existing mental health issue. However, a person taking this course cannot provide complete treatment, he/she can just provide the first aid. Thereafter, the patient should get appropriate professional support from a trained and certified psychiatrist or psychologist.


What is Mental Health First Aid Instructor Course?


This course is offered to people, who have already completed their mental health first aid course. The objective of this course is to create instructors for delivering the mental health first aid course to others.


Particularly, similar to a first aid course that helps individuals to learn how to provide first aid for a physical health issue, the mental health first aid course aims at providing first aid for mental health issues. This is why similar to the former, the latter should be taken by at least one person in an organization. In turn, he/she can help and guide the colleagues to make the right move whenever they face some kind of mental stress due to work or even due to their personal situations.


Like a first aid instructor, it would be good to have a mental health first aid instructor in an organization. This person can train other employees on mental health first aid. So, they will become competent enough to help others in the workplace and also their homes.


What Will A Person Learn from a Mental Health First Aid Instructor Course?


Let us consider that you are an employer. You are enrolling one of your employees to take up the mental health first aid instructor course. This person will do the following:


  • He can implement a positive mental health culture in your organization
  • He will be in a position to develop a first aid action plan for mental health and even he can put the plan into action.
  • He can identify different mental health conditions among his colleagues.
  • He can challenge a stigma.


In short, this course will bring many positive results not only for the person taking it but also for your entire workforce.



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